Every month I send out an e.newsletter to my Cheap Therapy customers and other dear folk who subscribe.   Each e.newsletter begins with a word of the month.   This one was SHED.   So far today, I’ve received 109 e.mails about how much this word meant to folk.  So I’ve decided to share it here.

The image I’m sharing rocked me.  Those who know me well know that lizards are my downfall.   I’m sure they’re not evil – they just give me the creeps.   So this image of a lizard shedding its skin seemed all too right for this post.   Here goes ~lizard-shedding-skin-wallpaper

The October word is SHED.
Shed what no longer fits.
Shed what no longer works.
Shed what no longer helps you feel strong.
Shed old habits, old patterns, old relationships that cause discomfort.
Shed that old and tired way of reacting.
Shed that insincere smile – the one that didn’t make it all the way up to your eyes.
Shed beliefs that detract from who you really are – no matter what they are.
Shed any pounds you’re carrying – be they on your body or in your spirit.

None of these things ever worked anyway.

If you can’t see a good reason to carry it – shed it.
Need to shed anything?

6 thoughts on “shedding…

  1. You are VERY brave to even look at a picture of a lizard long enough to post it. Is that part of shedding the ‘fear of lizards’? I’m just glad you didn’t find a picture of a snake to use instead. I have lots of ‘stuff’ to shed and this blog is a good reminder. I’ll keep it – like all of your other wise blogs – front and center. lyt

  2. thanks, Jo ~ i’m doing my best to work through that whole lizard thing – ha!

    PP & Rachel, hope you both enjoy your shedding!

  3. Love the shedding image! I’m working on shedding stuff that holds me back: thoughts, habits, CLOTHES. Thanks for the nudge!

  4. may your shedding be as freeing, healing and painless as possible, Alicia!


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