the quirk quest…


I’ve been noticing my quirks lately.    I have WAY too many to count and certainly to list.   I am finding that noticing them is entertaining and enlightening though.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

quirk (kwûrk)

1. a peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible
2. an unexpected twist or turn: a strange quirk of fate [origin unknown]
And here are five of my most prominent ones:
1.  When I peel an orange – the skin HAS to come off in one piece.     A lot of people ask me what would happen if the peel breaks.   I’m not sure.  I honestly can’t remember that happening.
2. When I sleep – one of my feet has to be outside of the blanket.  It doesn’t matter which foot.  Is there such a thing as being ambidextrous with my feet?
3. When I eat a sandwich – I always eat the crust first.   And yep, this applies to tacos, too (and I DO get that tacos don’t have crust.).  Hey, it’s MY quirk – ha!
4.  Before going to bed each night – I make sure every pillow in my home is rearranged to its original position.   This is my ONLY hard wired organizational quirk.
5.  I wear something purple every day.  For as long as I can remember, this has been as conscious a part of  preparing for the day as brushing my teeth.
Who knows how or why quirks begin and continue.   All I know is that we all have ’em.  They help make us who we are.  What are some of yours?

9 thoughts on “the quirk quest…

  1. I can’t wear a sock with a hole in it. It doesn’t matter how large the hole is. If I perceive it as a hole, its coming off and into the trash. Furthermore, If I see someone else wearing a holey sock I’ll bug them until they change their socks as well!

  2. when I hang clothes on the line outside to dry everything must be in order of function and size, paired socks first, all underwear, etc.

    all, ALL, camping trips must include corned beef hash.

    I may not allow either of my hands to hang over the edge of the bed.

  3. Carol, am going to pay attention to how i hang my clothes now. and i’m with ya on no hands over the bed thang – just feet – ha!
    ps… I WANNA GO CAMPING WITH YOU – LOVE corned beef hash!

  4. lisa~ have got to share this “quirk” my cousin ida had, when we were kids: cousin ida and aunt ida would visit wisconsin every holiday season (from bethesda maryland) and they would stay at my grandmother atkinson’s house. there was a (lifesized)cast iron statue of a young girl on the top landing of the stairs at grandmothers’ house. when cousin ida would head downstairs (just coming down the stairs, not when she passed it going up) she would have to pat the girl on the head thrice~
    this is what i think of when i hear the word “quirk.” i have too many
    “quirks” to name~ besides, i think my own quirks are perfectly explainable….. (just kidding)

  5. I’m totally WITH YA on the one-foot-out-from-under-the cover deal, Lovely purple Lisa! Been that way for a long time with me….also, when there are two light switches on one plate, I make sure that both are either “on” or “off.” Don’t like for one to be one way and one the other. I only do this at home, of course, not in public where it simply doesn’t bother me. And don’t let the blinds hang crookedly, or pictures for that matter! I could go on and on……hmmm, and I tell Lendon HE’S high maintenance! 🙂

  6. Jane, LOVE the three pat quirk image.

    and Pickett, you’re MY kinda gal.


  7. Well, Lisa we are all a little bit OCDish….as you describe in your
    traits….I am in the belief that it is a good thing to have some of.
    Sure would not care to have the “back and forth to check the whole house befor work…I play tennis with a BANKER who has to go back in her house and make sure HER SHOES are lined up and up and up….LORDY

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