got hope?

I’ve been spending time with a lot of hopeFULL people lately.

Last weekend I was in the midst of Camp Waccamaw (more about that in an upcoming post. I promise!).    I can’t imagine it’s possible to be in the midst of eight people ranging from age 4 – 51 for a weekend and NOT have hope .  At least I couldn’t do it.

HOPE%20hands%20dreamstime_7424898Last week, I was at the Shalem Society for Contemplative Leadership annual gathering.    We shared lessons, stories, plans, laughter, tears, drumming, dancing, music, stillness and yep – hope.  I am still full from the experience.

As I type this, I’m hanging out with my 84 year-old mom.    She just returned from almost three months of rehab after breaking her hip and arm.   Her spirit boosts my hope, too.

Hope is an odd word for me.   It’s one of those words that doesn’t seem to know its own strength.   I’m not even sure what hope IS.  Is it a state?   Is it a feeling?  Is it force?

I’m wondering about hope tonight.   The one thing I know for sure is that I’ve got it.    So if you’re low on your hope reserves these days, trust that I’ve got your back.

What’s your take on hope?

4 thoughts on “got hope?

  1. I have always thought the glass is half full and I HOPE that “that someone special” will be coming very soon to top it off. HOPE is the reason for my sanity.

    I hope you rest will.
    I hope your mom is doing well.
    But most of all, I HOPE we get to see each other very soon!

  2. I love the last two lines of your post. Isn’t that a great gift? That when we run out of hope, others can hold on to it for us until we can embrace it–and be embraced by it– again. Beautiful!

  3. gotta love those reminders from Christopher , Tom. what a coach he still is to so many.
    YOU are the untimitate Glass Half Full chick, Linda. cheers!

    glad you like the reminder, Alicia. we really ARE in This together, eh?

    THANKS to all for your replies here and e.mails alongside. i’m grateful and humbled by your response to my simple messages.

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