how giving heals…

I recently heard about this book called 29 Gifts… how a month of giving can change your life by Cami Walker.   Cami’s story touched me on several levels.  Her body (like mine) has MS in it.   I was also affected by how some simple coping advice she received changed her life and the lives of many others.   If you don’t already know her story, here’s a bit of it:

I’m taking her challenge.  How about you?

6 thoughts on “how giving heals…

  1. Lisa, I know I’m very biased, but you epitomize the whole concept of “giving heals.” Thank you for all you’ve taught me.

  2. what a great way to live out a challenge!! Yes! I want to buy into this company also! and I am naking no plans about who to give to or what to give — yet – just let the Spirit move me each day.

  3. Lisa, This is a very touching & wonderful video. I had not heard of the 29-day Rx before!! I would like to figure out this might work in my life, as Carol M. said, as the Spirit leads me. BTW, I really like your Blog — the simplicity & inspiration of it is very healing.

  4. aw shucks, Tom…

    Carol and Phyllis, i’m with ya’ll on the ‘letting the Spirit’ plan. so glad you both liked this video and way of living. and thanks for the kind words, Phyllis.

    THANKS to all who’ve replied here and more privately. it’s an honor & joy to swap lessons with ya’ll.

  5. W0w……..this is so very wonderful, and maybe just what I need right now. As usual, I’m feeling autumn closing in on me, and this might just help to take myself out of the darkness. Thank you for sharing this… more of the many gifts you have given to me and my family!

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