a full moon, a frost, a fire and saying YES…

It’s finally Fall in eastern North Carolina.   I haven’t worn shorts and a sleeveless top in at least a week.  I’m thinking the weather shift has happened.

frosty leafWe had our first frost last night.  It wasn’t a heavy frost – just enough to crisp up the leaves and send my outdoor herbs into  hibernation.

I built my first fire of the season yesterday.   I can still smell it in my home.   I may even light another later today.   It’s not really cold enough.   With a coupla windows open, it will be though.

All this PLUS the remnants of this week’s amazing full moon.  The way the moon lights up this lake on a clear night is enough to bring peace to the most troubled of souls.       Who could ask for more?    Not me.

I sure got more though.

This morning I was mailing Cheap Therapy orders at the local post office.   While there I checked the PO Box I use for Pay it Forward Grant applications.   The next grant will be awarded in January.   I usually check the Box once a month at this point in the Grant cycle.

In addition to several applications, there was a card from one of my long time and beloved Cheap Therapy customers.   Inside her note was a check for $500 – simply because she believes in Paying it Forward.   I’m not going to mention which customer because my heart tells me that she would rather I didn’t.   She’s like that – one of those who gives without strings.   Her check will be part of the Pay it Forward Grant funds.   So they’ll soon be helping someone else.

Over the years since the Cheap Therapy Pay it Forward Grant began, I’ve received many generous contributions to the grant fund.   Note, this is NOT a tax deductible gig.   Each donation has simply been an opening of heart and hand with trust, respect and love.

Last week I plugged a book called 29 Gifts… how giving can change your life.    I heard from so many of you about how you’ve joined the 29 Gifts Challenge.

When I stopped crying this morning, I wrote this dear woman.  Now I’m writing you – NOT  to ask you to give money to the Pay it Forward Grant.    I’m writing to ask you givers –  how receiving, accepting , saying YES has affected your life?

5 thoughts on “a full moon, a frost, a fire and saying YES…

  1. got a “gift” I never expected – and damn sure did not want – C – but funny how that worked out by making me so aware of how much I love being here and how much I need love and want friends – and love to give gifts – still just a tiiiiiny bit shy about taking very much – but i do get the message!!!!!!

  2. I find there’s a good balance for me between our regular giving (the kind that’s built into our weekly/monthly life) and those Spirit nudges when I suddenly feel that burning desire to support something I just read about in the paper or online or heard about through a friend. Both are valuable to me, but I really love those nudges and feel all the richer for having listened to them. Great post!!

  3. Carol, seeing “C” as a gift – wOw. THAT’s generous on so many levels. thanks!

    Alicia, know what you mean about trusting those nudges… LOVE it!

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