favorite band names…

OK, FAST – without overthinking – what’s your favorite band name?

Mine has always been ? and the Mysterians.    Was reminded of that when one of my FB pals posted this clip from the groovy, head-bobbin’ and turtleneck wearing days. Ahhhhhhhhhh… those were the daze!

What’s your favorite?

18 thoughts on “favorite band names…

  1. Groovy!!! The first band name that came to mind (& believe me, it was hard not to stop & THINK for awhile!!) is “The Mindbenders.” I can’t remember what song they sang though. I’d probably think of some other band name if I thought about it for awhile!

  2. Phyllis – groovy, indeed! “A groovy kind of love” was my fav of theirs.

    Robin – and i’m guessing you know Herman’s real name and everything – ha!

    keep ’em coming folk. this is FUN.

  3. never much thought needed for this one
    it’s the allman brothers band!

    it never fails to bring a smile to my face everytime i hear blue sky

  4. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 “Look Around”.Saw them live on stage at the Coliseum in Portland,Oregon 1968-it was MAGICAL!

  5. Don, OUCH! lol~

    Amen, Jessica.

    oooooooooo Rhea, THAT’s a group i haven’t thought of in about – well 43 years – wOw!

    THANKS, ya’ll~ keep those favorite band names a comin’!

  6. John Denver. His was the only concert I every went to. We took our daughter in 1982, she was 11!

  7. lisa~ was there a band called “hoodie and the blowfish”??? i probably have it totally assbackwards, but (i think) the blowfish part is right… “buckwheat zydeco” and “queen ida” both names (i think) are ‘snappin!

  8. Lois ~ John Denver’s was my first concert, too. what a great memory for you and your daughter.

    Snappin’ indeed, Jane. ALL great band names ~ THANKS!

  9. DL HAMMONS–Drag The River???? What an unusual name, did you ever hear them play?

    And jane, if you are reading++HELLO & how are you. Hope you’re getting enough sleep!!!!

  10. ? And The Mysterions had so many hit records. Well, one. What kind of helmet was that guy wearing??

    Lots of weird band names in the past 40+ years. Here are a few…all real names.

    Blind Melon
    Trashcan Sinatras
    Boom Crash Opera
    Long Pigs
    Bang Tango
    Better than Ezra
    The The
    Stone Temple Pilots
    The Beat Farmers
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Big Audio Dynamite
    Concrete Blonde
    Beat Rodeo
    Camper Van Beethoven
    The Stranglers
    Plastic Bertrand
    The Foo Fighters
    The Verve Pipe
    Blink 182
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Deep Blue Something
    Grant Lee Buffalo
    Jimmy Eat World
    Presidents of the USA
    Alice in Chains
    Ben Folds Five
    Marcy Playground
    Porno for Pyros
    Big Head Todd and the Monsters
    10,000 Maniacs
    Meat Puppets
    The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Stone Roses

    Jane Stone will probably like that last one. :>)

  11. That was FUN Great song that brings back the groovy memories

    Kara – I’ll see what I can do to get this song on the GW play list.

  12. what a FABULOUS list, Tom. THANKS!

    kewlllllllllllllllllllllllll, Kara. yup, i’m guessing i DO know who E.O. is!

    glad you enjoyed it, Jo. groovaliscious to be sure!

  13. I love hearing the names of the bands that my kids listen to —-Radiohead, Dr. Dog, Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, Giraffes Giraffes—and the music’s not bad either!!! Robert used to like a band called “Coheed and Cambria”, and my husband would tease him and call it “Cornbread and Cauliflower.” My son, Michael, has been playing with a band with an interesting name — “Israel Darling”, a play on the name of the band’s leader, Jacob Darden. He gets asked a lot about the name. He says the Israel part comes from the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, and the Darling part comes from a drunk “cougar” who after hearing him play in a club when he was a teenager, couldn’t get his last name right, and said, “Jacob Darling, you should be on American Idol!” I’m liking his music—check ’em out on My Space.

  14. ML, great bands names and THANKS especially for the story behind Israel Darling – LOVE IT!

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