into the silence…

Tomorrow I’m heading out for my annual first full week of December silent retreat ( I really do need to come up with a better name for it, don’t I?). I’m heading to a place called Pelican House.  It’s an amazingly simple ocean front house on the coast of NC.   If you’re ever looking to retreat, I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

This is the tenth year I’ve taken this week of the year to be in silence.  I know that much silence would drive some people bonkers.   It works for me though.

I won’t be alone.  Over the course of the week,  I’ll be sharing Pelican House with 10 other folk.   Some I know well and some I’ll be meeting for the first time.  All of us will be looking for the same thing – peace and quiet.

Some years I fill my car with books, projects and other STUFF to DO while I’m away.  This year I’m not.   I’m taking my journal, another journal I share with a friend, some tea/coffee/M&Ms/almonds and my clothes.   And I can hardly wait.

I can’t remember being more excited about having a week of (mostly) silent/still time.   I’m not sure why.   Maybe I’m going to receive some Great Answer – although I’m not sure what questions I’m taking.

All I do know is that I’m ready.

How does silence fit into your life?

7 thoughts on “into the silence…

  1. Hey Lisa,
    Glad to hear about your retreats. Went to a few myself in Conyers, Ga. @ the Franciscan Monestary. I heard the quietness of our Lord’s voice when He said that I was “called to listen”. What an experience I had! I pray that your journey will be filled with love and awe at God’s divine greatness.

  2. Alone with Lisa for a week must be like a creative pastel free fall in slow motion. Rejuvenate all of us!

  3. Gina, thanks SO much for sharing your rich experience in Silence with us. wOw!

    Dot, you are too too dear. rightbackatcha…

  4. Vaya con Dios, my friend. When we were in Tuscany, Lendon and I visited the St. Antimo monastery near Siena. The Benedictines’ silence was so moving and so powerful. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a more holy, more sacred silent (!) space. Have a wonderful, calming, healing, rejuvenating week. Again, vaya don Dios!

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