stormy weather…

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, which means manic shopping for many.    Major storms are predicted for much of the country.   That should make for some interesting shopping adventures.

Hope ya’ll have time to prepare to ease the confusion, possible pain and inconvenience.    Yesterday, I finished the chores I was saving for this weekend.   So I don’t have to leave my home tomorrow.   When I finish this post, I’m heading out to bring in a weekend supply of  fire wood and make sure the dogs have plenty to play with inside.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could tune in to some kind of reporter who’d tell us when we were about to face major LIFE STORMS?   So we’d know: there’s a 60% chance of being hassled by an irrate driver tomorrow; or there’s a 50% chance of  waking up feeling a little blue on Sunday; or there’s a 70% chance of  being a little more frazzled than usual  on Monday?   How would that information change how we prepare each day?

How do you prepare for Life’s Storms?

7 thoughts on “stormy weather…

  1. Interesting concept Lisa. Though I doubt I’d pay much attention to it. The weatherman where we live get it wrong so often, putting much stock in a life forecast would be wasted effort. 🙂

  2. If. Short word with major impact. If one could FULLY read and understand themselves and their life’s environment, then they might have a chance at prognostication of life’s storms. Understanding that my humanity precludes such clarity I prepare for life’s earsplittenthunderboomens by imagining as many scenarios as possible and then considering prep for each. While this technique doesn’t avoid adverse effects of all the heavy weather it has help frequently.

  3. I recently had a MAJOR storm in my life. It felt like a surprise, but as I have been reflecting, it was really brewing for about a year. And before that, it was brewing way underground for years. My month-ago journal entries reflect that I was more aware of its coming than I consciously knew at the time. But now, looking back, God was giving me lots of signals of what was to come. Hmmmm . . . wonder how to attune myself more to those signals.

  4. DL, i’m still chuckling. thanks!

    Jim, IF indeed. here’s to our prep work, humanity AND human.ness. deep and humble bows of thanks.

    Alicia, i wonder about how to better tune into those signals too. when i find my decoder ring, i’ll absolutely time share with you. in the meantime, here’s to our tuning in. thanks and blessings…

  5. Thanks, once again, for the “right stuff”, you always seem to hit right on with what I need to hear. My pondering this morning–I doubt I would do any more preparation than I do for the weather forecast, feeling that “what will be, will be”, but, on the other hand it might be kinda good to have an idea of what was coming so it doesn’t smack me in the face so hard. Sometimes the realization of just how needy or foolish or naive I have been really makes me angry with myself and it hurts.

  6. I’m such a worrier, I would be living in a state of constant anxiety if I knew of upcoming life storms! I work very hard at trying to just live in the moment. I try to learn from the past, and cover the basics for the future—keep up on insurance payments, get a flu shot, etc. Other than things like that, I just go along, trying to practice the ol’ golden rule, hoping that will help. I have enough to worry about with what I’m aware of presently—I don’t want to dwell too much on what might be coming!

  7. Becky, i’m thankful this post nudged your pondering. am sad to know you spend any time hurting though.

    Mary Louise, for what it’s worth – that whole golden rule thing sounds great to me!


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