How will you step into the new year?

There are so many ways to begin a new year.   Some rely on resolutions.   I bet many of us have made many of ’em.  Some might have even kept some of  ’em.   I’ve stepped away from making them for the past few years.  That seems to be working for me.

A couple of my favorite bloggers encourage other New Year rituals.   Christine Kane suggests we choose a word.  Here’s how she explained in a couple of years ago.     Maria Galca offers 20 questions to consider.

I love both of these rituals.  This week I’ll choose a word for 2010 and I’ll ask my myself  these five questions:

1. How well did I honor my intention(s) for 2009?

2. What were my most powerful lessons in 2009?

3. How will these lessons impact my life in 2010?

4. What will I do/be more of in 2010?

5. What will I do/be less of in 2010?

That’s what I’m going to be pondering this week.   How about you?   How will you step into 2010?

3 thoughts on “How will you step into the new year?

  1. Thanks for the new take on resolutions! The first half of 2010 is going to be crazy for as I work on and defend my dissertation by the end of March so I can graduate in May. My daughter (the youngest of my two children) will graduate high school in June.

    I tend to want to control things over which I have no control (which is pretty much everything)!!! After reading the article about Pick a Word for the year, I have settled on the word ALLOW to guide my year.

    It seems like a very positive word and strategy for guiding my new year and allowing me to be open to all the new year will hold for me, my family, and friends!

  2. YAY, Judi – ALLOW… wonderFULL. looking forward to hearing how that holds for you.

    Consider away, Rachel.

    thanks for commenting, ya’ll. Happy New Year!

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