did you notice?

…the Blue Moon last night?   Won’t happen again for 28 years.  Hope you noticed it!

My word for this Blue Moon Year is Notice.

Notice the rare.

Notice the everyday.

Notice the wonder in it all.

Notice beginnings.

Notice endings.

Notice when they happen at the same time.

Take notice of all that is around you.

Notice that amazing sunrise and blue moon.

Notice those innocent children playing across the street.

Notice that person who is alone or afraid.

Notice your reaction.  Notice your action or lack thereof.

Give notice to whom or what is no longer working for you.

Notice people and situations that leave you feeling less than who you are.

Notice people and situations that encourage you to be more.

Notice which you choose.   Notice how to make better choices next time.

Notice that even if you’ve made a decision, you can re-decide.

The next time you’re looking in the mirror, notice the face looking back.   Try not to notice the gray hair (or lack thereof) and sags.   Notice what’s behind those eyes.   Notice that spark.  It really is still there.  Reintroduce yourself to that spark and begin each day by asking the world,

“Hey, did ya notice?!…”

What have you noticed lately?   While you ponder that, hope you enjoy this fabulous clip by alliax.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “did you notice?

  1. Well, I’ve noticed how very fortunate I am heading into the new year. And I’ve spent lots of time just hoping I’ve given back at least a decent portion of what’s been given to me in the past few months. To me, the worst we can do in life is be a “taker”….taking much more than we give. Some folks are “givers”, and some are “takers.” I just hope I can end up giving more than I take in life. Still struggling with that balance because I’ve been given so much.

    BTW….my favorite version of “Blue Moon” is the Marcells version from the ’50s. So good to see a Blue Moon this week.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous 2010.

  2. I’ve NOTICED that there are many loving, caring people in this world and many that are hurting or confused or lonely or needing healing.
    Lord, please grant me your wisdom and guidance in deciding what to do or not do, so that Your will be done.

  3. Tom and Lois, thanks for such thoughtful & meaningful replies. may we all tune in to (notice!) that ‘still small voice’… blessings and new year cheers to ya’ll!

  4. Believe it or not, last night I dreamt about “Noticing”!
    *I’m noticing how good it feels to get work when I have the time to get it done on time.
    *I’m noticing how nice it is to walk outside in crisp, NC winter weather!
    *I’m noticing what a pretty day it is today!

    Thanks for reminding me to notice!

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