a year of Sunday stairways…

Those of you who occasionally follow my blog know that topics focus on swapping simple (and sometimes not so simple) life lessons.   Two of the lessons I learn over and over are:  how profoundly powerful music is AND how so many people say the same thing in such different ways.

With those two lessons in mind, I’m going to spend each Sunday sharing a different version of the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

“Why?”  you might ask.


The first offering is from the Mexican duo Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero.   Hope you enjoy.

AND I hope you’ll share your favorite versions with me so I can share them here. Feel free to e.mail me at cheaptherapy@(nospam)embarqmail.com as to not tip your hand. Yep, I’ll give you credit.   So send me your Stairways…

3 thoughts on “a year of Sunday stairways…

  1. OOH-LA-LA!!!! Lisa, what a fabulous “Sunday Tradition” to start off 2010. Can’t wait for next Sunday. Will we be hearing how Alliax climbs his stairway? Hope so!!! That young man is magnificent-a true treat to the ears!!! How do you find all these treasures? Thank you & Happy New Year and your “Circle” ( that’s my word for 2010!)

  2. thanks, Rhea! may your Circle be wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. couldn’t agree with you more about alliax – wonderFULL!

    thanks too, to all who’ve sent e.mails and FB messages about Stairways… keep you favs ‘ comin’!

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