Ever had a meltdown?

No fun, eh?

I had one today.   I’m finished with it and I’m still recovering.   I’ll soon nestle into bed with a cup of herb tea, a peaceful book and the wonderdogs. 

The weatherfolk here are calling for snow tonight.   So I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow morning to something pretty and (by northern standards) hassle free.  All will be well.

Even if the snow doesn’t happen, all will be well tomorrow.

If you’ve ever had a meltdown, how did you bounce back? 

7 thoughts on “meltdowns…

  1. I’m fairly easy going, and I can usually laugh in the face of some meltdown-causing catastrophe. Unfortunately, sometimes the catastrophes (or “inconveniences”, as I call them in hindsight) come in waves that last from sun-up to sun-down. At that point I’m too stressed to remember to breathe deeply. Too bad there’s no easy way to preempt a meltdown with warm blankets and hot tea.

  2. I have definitely had my share of meltdowns!!! I usually meltdown in my car,as it is parked in the driveway, so no one hears me rant and rave. Once I’ve “let it all out” and cried til there are no more tears, I dry my eyes, blow my nose, go take a shower, put on my jammies, and curl up in an afgan or quilt!!!! That all seems to soothe my inner two year old!!!!

  3. Just think of the flakes coming down softly outside your window…a cool breeze whispering through the pines, wonder dog warm in your arms and Bob Marley off in the mystic distant past singing:

    Here’s a little song I wrote,
    You might want to sing it note for note,
    don’t worry, be happy.

    In every life we have some trouble,
    When you worry you make it double,
    don’t worry, be happy.

    Doooo, doo, da, dooo, da, do, da, doo, da, doo, da, do, don’t worry be happy, doodadoo…do, da, do, da…dooooo. Sleep tight and everything will be alright in the morning.

  4. Bryn – inconvenience – love it. thanks.

    Judi – inner two year old – ha! thanks.

    Rick – thanks for the soundtrack.

    may all of our meltdowns be just as long as they need to be!

  5. I had a major meltdown at Thanksgiving . . . very distressed and very distressing. At the same time, I am now convinced that it needed to happen and could only have happened that way, strangely and graciously enough. Recovering from meltdowns for me requires lots and lots and lots of grace, for myself, for the others in the situation and for the situation itself. Grace, close listening, and kindness have healed me from many a meltdown in the past and are still healing me from this one, too. Storms come, as we all know, and sometimes they come in the form of us! 😉

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