attracting independents…

I’m not a huge sports fan.  Aside from East Carolina football, Duke Basketball or Havelock High anything – there aren’t many games about which I feel passionately.     

This year’s Superbowl is different for me.   I REALLY want the Saints to win.   It might be a tough couple of weeks because my gentleman friend is a Colts fan.  Hey, he can’t be perfect, right?

So now’s the time for those of us with strong opinions to speak up and attract the loyalty of those around us who don’t yet know they have a favorite team.

Here’s your chance.  How are you convincing the neutral Superbowl watchers in your life to cheer for YOUR team?

10 thoughts on “attracting independents…

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I don’t have any NEUTRAL superbowl watchers in my life. And let your gentleman friend know he’s on time out until he comes to his senses or until the beloved Saints go marching victoriously out of the Super Beauxl. Whooooooooo Daaaaaaaaaat!!!!
    love ya!

  2. I admit it……..I can’t remember ever watching a Super Bowl or an entire Pro-football game…UNTIL….the SAINTS came marching into my world led by my favorite member of the WHO DAT nation. It is sooooo much fun and I’m ready for the SAINTS Super Bowl VICTORY. GOOOOOOOOOO SAINTS !!!!!!!

  3. OK, I’m the “gentleman friend.” And I do love the Saints. SOOO good to see them going to the Super Bowl for the first time. They’ve had so many years of struggling, and especially coming through the Katrina disaster. No way you can NOT pull for them. Well…BUT….I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan. And going back to my high school days, I’ve always loved the Colts. (Even when they sneaked out of Baltimore and moved to Indy.) So, I’ll tell all my very good friends I’m pulling for the Saints. I will never tell them I’m secretly pulling for Peyton Manning. I don’t want anyone to know this, so please ignore this message.

  4. Well, I’m rooting for the Colts simply because my husband is rooting for the Saints. It will make watching the SuperBowl a bit more fun. Not to mention all the horseshoes and ponies I will be posting around the house. We will spend pre-SuperBowl weeks trying to outdo each other in decorations!

  5. Kara, bon temps roulette (bet you haven’t heard THAT lately :).

    Jo, you are SUCH a WISE A& DISCERNING woman~~

    Tom, your secret is SAFE with us 🙂

    and Judi, please send pix! sounds like it’s gonna be a blast around your home these next couple of weeks.

    THANKS to you all for commenting

  6. I’m going for the Colts folks. Was for the Saints against the Vikes but changed my mind during the game. The way those Norleans Saints treated my main man Brett Favre really jerked my cord. They were out for poor ole Brett’s blood. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand football is a rough and tumble sport; however, they didn’t have to try to kill or maim my main man! Obviously, no respect for their elders. Us old guys from the south don’t appreciate big ole boys trying to whoop up on old guys from the south, Brett that is. Some of us can relate…in a way. Now, come two weeks Sunday, I’ll be rooting for another old (little younger) guy from the south, Payton…maybe one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. Tom, go with your heart…and celebrate tactfully and quitely as the city of Indy celebrates a Super Bowl victory in two weeks.

  7. GO SAINTS!!!!

    haha umm….. I guess I just try not to give too much thought on what team the neutrals are rooting for =)

    I tell em listen “you can go with the winners in two weeks (The Saints) or root for the losers ( haha…. )” Their choice !

  8. LOL Rick! i can see your points and i respectfully disagree 🙂

    Rocky, great plan 😉

    thanks for commenting, guys!

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