Don’t just press ENTER. Let entering help you press on.

At the suggestion and request of many, I’m posting the Soulbooster Word of the Month I offer each month in my e.newsletter here.

The Soulbooster Word of the Month for February is ENTER.

Enter isn’t just a keyboard stroke.   It’s an action; a choice; a way to change your life.  We don’t just press ENTEREntering helps us press on.

Ya know that proverb about when one door closes another opens?   Well the catch is – that next open door only helps when we enter it.

Entering requires taking a step.
Entering sometimes requires taking a leap.
Entering moves us forward.

When feeling uncertain – enter with hopeful caution.
When feeling certain – enter with faithful abandon.
Just enter.

When entering a room full of people – enter with your head held high and your eyes toward the possibilities of what you’re about to learn – and teach!

When entering a restaurant alone – enter without a book or newspaper to hide behind.  Enter with the knowledge that you belong there as much as anyone else.

When entering a sacred season (like Lent or cooking dinner!)- enter in awe.

When entering the world outside your home – enter in peace.
Enter new relationships and situations that will help you stretch and grow.
Enter old relationships and situations – stirring ripples in the stagnant.

And when need be, enter the exit way.

So the next time you’re at your keyboard and about to press the ENTER key, stop and acknowledge – what else is it time to enter?

3 thoughts on “Don’t just press ENTER. Let entering help you press on.

  1. I remember reading years ago that one of the greatest things about America is the ability to start over…..each day, week, month… or career….or life. So “enter” is a nice word, since we’re beginning a new year. Always nice to enter a new year knowing we can start over.

  2. Very interesting topic for me to consider as I work on my dissertation. In one way, once I defend my dissertation on March 18, I will be closing a huge, five year door on my life……and in another way, I am getting to ready to ENTER a new phase of my life. Not only will I graduate in May, but my daughter (youngest of two children) will graduate high school in June and head off to college in August. That will have me living at home with my husband of 22 years, our dogs and cats. No kids living at home for the first time in 20 years. Talk about a new ENTERING…….

  3. knowing we can start over – enter anew each day really IS kewl, Tom.

    Judi, wOw yo DO have some major entrances happening in your world. blessings on you and yours!

    thanks to you both for taking the time to comment.

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