the gifts of a bad economy…

I’m a very rich woman.

I don’t have a lot of money.  I DO have people in my life you love me and accept my love.  I live in a place that feeds my spirit and soul.   I do have faith that I’m not in control of the universe.   And I take the opportunity to laugh out loud and cry a little every day.

It seems that one of the blessings of this challenging economy is that many of us have taken the opportunity to shift our frame of reference about money.    I sure have.

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from someone about the ‘great deal’ they recently got.   People seem to be talking more about how happy they are with what they have  rather than whining about what they don’t have.


People also seem to be  making much more conscious choices about money these days.  LOVE THAT!    The other day, someone asked me to tell them the three biggest changes I’ve made in my life regarding money.  It was tough to narrow it down to just three.  So I picked my top three:

1.  I don’t spend money on things I don’t need.   And even if I THINK I need it – I ask myself three times before I buy anything.   Yep, this makes grocery shopping an adventure.

2. I don’t bring anything into my home without taking out something in exchange.   I call this my “if-then” strategy – if I take this  then I’ll release that. Yep, even peanut butter.

3. I’ve started spending my change.  I know a lot of people put all of their change in a jar and then spend it on something at year-end.  I’m finding that spending my change helps me stop and literally witness how money adds up.  I’ve committed to trying this for a year.   I’ll let ya know how it goes.

So how about you?   What kind of financial changes are you making in your life these days?

3 thoughts on “the gifts of a bad economy…

  1. I have such a weird relationship with money.
    Is there financial security and how much is enough?
    Being an artist is like taking a vow of poverty. I don’t regret it, at least not yet.
    I think I live on what some folks pay in taxes!
    Having a safe reliable car is great, being warm and having hot running water is great.
    Feeling safe is priceless. Libraries are amazing.
    Having a studio, art supplies, music, books on tape and being able to garden…wealth beyond imagining….
    being in love and being loved….connecting soul to soul…living in a democracy.
    So what changes have I made? Give away anything I no longer want or need to someone who wants or needs it. Give money to friends, family and causes more generously.
    I have no debts at the moment and I am living simply so if I have some left and I know someone is hurting why not help?

  2. Wow! I love Ruth, and I don’t even know her!!! One question—can she come help me clean out my attic? Just kidding, BUT, there is SOOOO much stuff there someone else might want, and if it goes away, I might have room for an art studio!! I haven’t answered your question, have I? Well, I’ve never had much money, but I must say I am more and more proud of the great deals I get at thrift shops like AWESOME books at the Lake Waccamaw Boy’s and Girl’s Home Country Store for 20 cents each! Can’t beat that!

  3. I have a basic philosophy that says, “Don’t buy anything you can’t pay for.” And that doesn’t mean with a plastic card. If I can’t pay for it the day I buy it, I don’t buy it. Debt is a horrible thing to me, and I’ve done all I can do to avoid it. So far, so good. We live in a world that says, “If you want it, buy it….that’s what credit is for.” And we’ve sure seen what that can lead to in this “Great Recession.” I’m very guilty of loving material things. No doubt about it. But … I do wake up every day thinking I’m the luckiest guy in the world. And I do confess, the material things are a part of that. BUT…the things that matter most are the non-material things, and those are the things that make me happiest. How many people are lucky enough to wake up every morning hearing someone say, “I love you.” How could I be more fortunate.

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