they’re baaaaaaack…

Have I ever mentioned I was kicked out of the Brownies?  Well, I was.

I also hold the distinction of being the first person in the history of my high school to get kicked out of the National Honor Society.  That’s a story for another blog post though.

Back to the Brownies.   It’s Girl Scout Cookie time again!

I placed my order with my pal Becky.   I’ll be giving away all the cookies I ordered.   Everything I ever heard about body fat % being a battle in my 50s is TRUE.   So no cookies for me (well, at least not a whole BOX).

Girl Scout Cookies have become a kind of edible American icon.   For more than 80 years, girls with sashes have been promoting these treats.    I remember buying them (I was kicked out before I was allowed to SELL . Not to fret though, I’ve worked through the disappointment.  Really, I have.) for fifty cents a box.   This year I’m paying $3.50.   In these days of uber cautious investing, here’s what I found out from Girl Scout Cookies® FAQs about where the money goes:

  • Q: When I buy Girl Scout Cookies, where does the money go?
  • A: With every purchase, approximately 70% of the proceeds stays in the local Girl Scout council to provide a portion of the resources needed to support Girl Scouting in that area, including a portion that goes directly to the group selling the cookies. The balance goes directly to the baker to pay for the cookies.

Good to know, eh?    I say they’re a bargain at twice the price – almost.

If you haven’t been approached by a local Girl Scout and want to buy here’s how.

In the meantime, what’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

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