bait and switch…

It seems to happen every year in this part of the country.   Just enough warm winter days to tease the flowers up and out of their cozy dens.

We’re back to gray winter days now.   I can almost hear the flowers screaming “rut roh!”

Me too.   As pretty as the flowers are, their arrival in February often leaves me anxious that we won’t have a pretty Spring.

We always do, though.

So my mission for these last weeks of Winter is to trust that Spring WILL be here soon.   And do what I can to keep my spirits up.

How do you handle these bait and switch days of winter?

7 thoughts on “bait and switch…

  1. This has been the most miserable winter around here in the past several years. But, we’ve sure been spoiled by the mild winters we’ve had in the last 5 years. Many years ago, when some friends and I were doing wilderness canoe trips in Maine and Canada, I remember “conditioning” my mind that fall (the time of most of our trips) always included unpredictable weather…and usually cold. So when we took the trips, I was mostly prepared for really cold weather. Ain’t so now. I have no need to condition my mind to accept cold weather. So I’m really unprepared for the continued cold. Don’t like it, never will. BUT, it’s just the way it is. You just have to take what Mother Nature give you. And just be thankful you’re watching it happen every day.

  2. It’s definitely been a loooong winter. When you’re only 8, a winter this long seems like an especially long eternity and some of my students are pretty sure it will NEVER be spring again!

  3. thanks for the gentle reminder, Tom.

    and Rachel – ooooooooooo thanks for the perspective from your kids’ veiw. blessings on ’em!

  4. This winter I have had to deal with more “go with the flow” thoughts than ever before…some due to weather and some due to dissertation writing. Iam finding that well planned meltdowns are working pretty well…….

    And then there is my lenten meditation today that reminds me that to everything there is a season and that God will use the “dark” time of winter to bring forth the “light” of spring!

    Once again, there is no such thing as coincidence; God really wants me to get this message today!!!!

  5. I have never been a winter girl. Summer has always been my fav time of year. Can’t wait for the lazy days of summer…they are almost here!

  6. Here in Sacramento, CA I actually get anxious when the Spring days come along because I’m afraid Spring will turn into Summer too quickly. The temps here get into the upper 90s to like 105 degrees in the Summer. I just don’t like the heat!

  7. know what you mean about those hot summers, Phyllis. we sure get ’em here in NC, too. may we both enjoy the fleeting days of Spring (and the daze of summer, too ;)). THANKS!

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