I love my job.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend most of their time at work.   That’s an easy statistic to find.

A tougher one is how many of us love our jobs?

I do.

Over the years I’ve offered this blog, I’ve asked two of the universal questions that related to our ‘jobs’ –  Who are you? and  What do you do?

They both point to the most important question ~ do you LOVE what you do?

Again I’ll say, I do.

Here’s why:

  • I love that I don’t know what’s going to happen each day.
  • I love the stories I’m honored to really hear each day.
  • I love (most of) the people in my life.
  • I love that I know I’m going to learn something new each day.
  • I love knowing I don’t have to re.learn things I got the first time.
  • I love knowing (some) people who remember that Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Steve Winwood have also played in bands.
  • I love learning over and over and over that I’m not in control.
  • I love that every day, when work is over, I have creatures who’ll  let me know they love me AND they’ll accept my love.
  • And I love the really good coffee.

What do you love about your job?

6 thoughts on “I love my job.

  1. my job — allows for creativity — gives me a chance to be with children — gives you a chance to act like a child! — brings my training in pastoral care and my passion to be present to people when they experience the delight of God’s Spirit.
    Thank you for the opportunity to think about my job through this lens.

  2. Carrie, how blessed we all are that you love your job!

    THANKS for letting us know why you do~

  3. I love my job because I am able to touch the future. I am in the business of education and I teach at a four year institution training folks to be preschool and kindergarten teachers.

    I love my job because I learn more from my students than they probably learn from me.

    I love my job because I love the people i work with and they (seem to, at least) love me!

    I love my job because I remind people of how important it is to be like a child and laugh at yourself.

  4. Judi, how encouraging it is to know you’re out there LOVING your job! THANKS.
    and may we ALL remember to laugh at ourselves 😉

  5. I love my job because I have so many opportunities to learn while I’m teaching.

    I feel as if I’m constantly growing and experiencing–my students are a tremensous fountain of youth.

    I ❤ my job and I am so grateful to be among those who can say that…

  6. Leslie, LOUD CHEERS OF THANKS for teachers like YOU. i send you all that is good.

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