time after time…

I do it every year this time.

Several days before it’s time to ‘spring forward’ I begin dreading that I’m about to lose an hour.  I purposefully create an attitude of deficiency.  I get sad.

And to make matters worse, I usually spend the next couple of days after the change feeling all confused about what time it REALLY is.


Some years I’ve tried to combat this syndrome by going to bed early.  So I won’t feel the lost hour of sleep – or maybe so I won’t remember I changed the clocks the night before.  Neither strategy has helped much though.

It’s going to stop this year.   Starting today.  I am officially SO PSYCHED that I GET TO moved my clocks forward this weekend!      I’m finished allowing this one day of every year to have so much power over me.

So there.

Whew.  I feel better already.

How about ya’ll?                                                                                                                                          How do you handle the time change?                                                                        How do you WANT to handle it?

7 thoughts on “time after time…

  1. I don’t like it but I just try to accept it because there’s nothing I can so about it. To me, it’s just another way that humans try to mess w/ Nature. It was especially annoying when the Bushies moved the day earlier to March saying that it would save energy. Ridiculiculous. My 2 cents!

  2. How would I like to handle the time change? I would like to move to my own island where I could have it be whatever time I’d like it to be. Please note: on my island, I would not have to worry about time obligations either; I would just go about my day as I felt moved to do so! 🙂

    Since I don’t have my own island or time free world, I deal with the jump ahead by going to bed an hour earlier and then working on getting in sync with the “new time”. And as Phyllis says, I just accept it because there isn’t anything I can do to change it!

    I must admit, I do enjoy getting up when it is light instead of dark and that seems to put a positive spin on my days from the very beginning!

  3. I have one clock that I never change – it is the Sun Time clock and that is my little act of defiance and compliance (at the same time) that I invented and no other living person has ever ever thought of, but now I’m sharing with all y’all.

  4. Phyllis, thanks SO much for your .02 🙂

    Judi, that island of yours sounds great. lemme know when you find it – k? thankssssssss

    Carol – no one can do compliance/defiance like you. THANKS!

  5. Actually, I’m looking forward to it, because I am a person who simply functions better in the daylight. I LOOOVE spring, and so I think of it as, “Yay! One more hour of daylight to spend out in the yard in the evening!” (I know it will be darker in the morning, but with the help of my morning coffee, I can handle that!) When we have to do the opposite in the autumn, that’s when I get bummed out. I’m like, “Ok, I don’t care if it’s only 6:00 p. m. It’s dark. Time to go to bed!”

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