searching for the right words…

I finally saw the movie Up in the Air last night.   Now I understand all the great press it’s gotten.  wOw.

This isn’t a post about movies though.    It’s a post about metaphors.

Up in the Air is a great movie, a great movie title and a great metaphor for life.  I love a great metaphor.

If you’re trying to remember what a metaphor is (and isn’t) click here.

This morning I woke up thinking of other great metaphors for life experiences.

Of course, couch potato is a classic.

And so is peeling back the layers.

If I had to choose a metaphor for my life at this moment, it would be going with the flow.

What are some of your favorite metaphors ?                                           And what metaphor best describes your life at this moment?

4 thoughts on “searching for the right words…

  1. The metaphor that would accurately describe my life right now seems to be: I’m a hamster running on a wheel!

  2. Hmmm….for some reason, I always liked this one… “You are the light of my life.”

    Another good one from a good song a few years ago…”You are the wind beneath my wings.”

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