the tough stuff…

The other night I was talking with some friends about how not dealing with The Tough Stuff  is easy.

We all agreed we’d faced situations we needed to confront and move through in order to move on – and chose not to.   We also agreed that ultimately we had to go back to The Tough Stuff  and deal with it.


I recently posted about the importance of being willing to say I don’t want to.  There are circumstances though, that we simply must face – even when (especially when) we don’t want to.

Even though I don’t always know when I’m in one of Those circumstances, here’s what I  do know:

  • The Tough Stuff happens.
  • I usually avoid facing it for as long as I can.
  • Once I’ve faced it, figured out what to do about it and then done That – it’s not The Tough Stuff anymore…til more Tough Stuff comes along.

How do you deal with The Tough Stuff?

5 thoughts on “the tough stuff…

  1. I’m like you as far as putting some stuff off as long as I can, and am always amazed that once I face it and do something about it, it seems nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated; and it’s such a relief not to have it lurking there in the back of my mind! Having it weigh on my mind is always worse than the actual “doing”. Then I always ask myself why I tortured myself like that and vow to not repeat that avoidance behavior, but I always do…I wonder if I’ll ever really learn!

  2. oooooooooo ML, i say let’s take a close look at why we avoid The Tough Stuff … tomorrow :)! thanks for commenting. ALWAYS love hearing from you.

  3. Tough stuff…… UGH is right. I generally do the avoiding thing for awhile, until it just doesn’t work anymore and then I jump in with both feet. Jumping in is often a horrible decision, because once I do that, I am not thinking rationally and am acting on pure emotion.

    I am trying to learn to breathe deep and then plan a course of action.

    Not saying I do it often, but each time I do, it seems to get easier!

  4. what ‘tough stuff?’ i dont have any of that….but if i can help any of you….just let me know! LOL 😉

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