I meant to do that…

In a novel I’m reading there’s a character who belongs to the RTO – Really Terrible Orchestra.   He makes no bones about being a ‘modest’ clarinet player – who loves playing the clarinet.  So he plays!

I love that.

So I’m going to be more like that.

More often than not, when I find out I’m terrible at something, I do one of two things:  I stop doing it or I focus on what I’m good at instead.   I even posted about this strategy (which I’m not giving up!).  I’m ALSO going to enjoy doing some of the things I’m terrible at.

  • I’ve practiced yoga for years although my body doesn’t cooperate with all that pretzelY stuff.   So I’m going to enjoy pretzel-free yoga without feeling like an underachieving yogini.
  • I am absolutely tone-deaf.  Well, I’m going to start singing again – a lot and loudly.  Just maybe in private :).
  • I am VERY clumsy.   I’ve always been clumsy and now that I’m almost 20 years into living with a body that has MS in it, I’m even MORE clumsy.   For years I’ve let this embarrass me.  No more!   The next time I stumble or trip in front of someone (or even when I’m alone), I’m going to avoid quickly looking around to find out if anyone saw me and calling myself some goofy name.   Instead, I’m going to say out “I meant to do that.”   And mean it.
  • I am absolutely, positively incapable of following recipes.   I CAN read.   I simply can’t resist the temptation to adjust/tweak/experiment.  I’m going to stop apologizing, warning or explaining and simply offer with hope and love (…can’t wait to find out how the corned beef & brussel sprout pot pie I have baking turns out!).
  • The people closest to me often tease me about my hair.   It just won’t work (my hair – not the teasing). I’ve tried just about every kind of curling iron, roller, gel, mouse, spray and (to the amazement of many) even brush out there.   You couldn’t tell it by looking at me.  Starting today, I’m going to embrace being really awful at styling my hair.   So there.

The list of things I’m terrible at is much too long to list here.  So I’ll stop for now.  These are the instruments I’m offering to play in OUR Really Terrible Orchestra.  Wanna play, too?  What will you play?

8 thoughts on “I meant to do that…

  1. Lisa, you comments are wonderful….as always. But if I may ask…humbly…could we not try out the corned beef and brussel sprout pot pie on our date day?? That’s one you need to try in the privacy of your own home. I don’t even need to know about it.

    BTW, I like your hair just like it is. And you’re very good at Yoga. Those yoga pants are a little freaky, but you’re still very good.

  2. Please, Lisa, I love your hair!! You haven’t laid eyes on me lately, so you probably don’t know that in an attempt to be true to my quest to be a “natural” woman, I gave up my monthly date with Miss Clairol a while ago; and when my grey roots were sufficiently grown out, I went to a real “hair stylist” (as opposed to my husband as I sat on a stool in the kitchen) and had her chop off all the fake brown. I have since fooled around with the blow dryer, curling brush, etc., and, believe it or not, I have said to myself, “Maybe I should just take it a little shorter, kind of spike it up/fluff up the top or do whatever it is that Lisa does to hers!”

    The other day, I was short on time, washed my hair and ran out the door with it wet. The morning breeze, while I was on duty in the school courtyard, took the place of my hair dryer; and a colleague complimented me on my new “do”! He was serious–said he liked the carefree look. Just what I’ve always loved about your hair! So, good-bye hair dryer —with whatever the wind brings me, I too will be saying, “I meant to do that!”

    As for what I’m really terrible at—how about brief comments?

  3. Tom, it’s a deal about the pot pie. it WAS great tho 🙂

    ML, SO looking forward to seeing & celebrating your new do!

  4. Okay, for most of my life, I have been really pretty bad about being on time. I’m not usually “major late” for things, but I generally run five or ten minute late. My best friend in college introduced me to the concept of “black people time” when she got married (her husband and his family were black and were fifteen or more minutes late to everything surrounding the wedding weekend), so I started telling people I operate on “Judi time”. My time isn’t in sync with Greenwich Meridian Time at all, but it serves me well. (When I really need to be somewhere on time, I make the meeting time ten minutes earlier in my planner!)

    I also love to wear crazy and wacky earrings and colorful clothing combinations. I usually apologize by telling everyone “My inner four year old dressed me that morning” but will work on simply admitting that it was the look I needed to feel good on any given day.

    And to Lisa (who I have met) and Tom and Mary Louise (who I have not met) I’m with you on the hair and the pot pie! (I love brussel sprouts, but not sure of the combination….)

  5. I’m with Tom and Mary Louise, Lisa: I LOVE your hair! 🙂 Always have…..But I’m a little closer to Tom on the corned beef & brussel sprouts pot pie. I mean, I feel the love and everything, but corned beef & brussel sprouts?!??! I’m just sayin”…..

    As for my “I meant to do that,” accounting is HIGH on my list. Yep, a number cruncher I’m not. Let’s see, to increase an asset, do you debit or credit?!?!? Maybe I’ll try that corned beef & sprouts concoction after all…..

  6. Judi, i’m doin’ the happy dance for you & your inner four year old!

    Pickett, well i guess there’s just ‘no accounting for some people’s taste’ 😉 get it ? yeah, i thought you did.

    THANKS, ya’ll!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    The only person I know who purposefully wore miss-matched sox was Patch Adams. Otherwise it was a sign of dementia or
    acute embarrassement. Now it’s the style, introduced to me by my granddaughter! Cute sox. I think I’ll try it.

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