3 thoughts on “#14 in a year of Sunday Stairways…

  1. Oh, my. Did anyone watch the whole thing? I couldn’t. I kept putting myself in the place of his parents and that made my heart hurt.
    Lisa, these are amazing. Thanks for being you!

  2. yup, i’ve watched to the end – several times. i can SO relate to their efforts on so many levels.

    glad you’re enjoying these Sunday Stairways, Robin! if you find any other cool ones, please share!

  3. Oh, Lisa! I have to admit that I usually haven’t taken the time to watch the stairways, but tonight, for some unknown reason, I became curious and delved into the archives, and I just had to comment on this one! It was sooo painful, I did have to skip forward a few times; and then the erratic camera work made me rather seasick. I was pretty impressed with some of the jazzy flouishes of the pianist, in spite of his pedal problems! I don’t know if I have enough time to devote to more stairways tonight, but I will make an effort to watch from now on and finish reviewing the oldies (but goodies?).

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