chiming in…

I’ve noticed myself falling back into the habit of spending MUCH more time online than I’d prefer.   Here I am looking out my window.  It’s aMaZiNgLy beautiful outside.  And I’m sitting inside, typing on a keyboard.

So I’ve reinstalled mindfulness chimes on my pc.   I used to have them on here, years ago.  Somehow they were deleted.   Now I’ll be reminded, at random intervals, to choose if I’m spending my time how I really want to be spending it.

How do make sure you’re spending your time how you really want to be spending it?

6 thoughts on “chiming in…

  1. Funny you should bring that up tonite — I’m getting ready to nuke all my farms on FaceBook.

  2. Phyllis, a woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. (altho i don’t normally support violence :))

  3. This message is a great wake up call for me. I too have fallen away from mindfully spending my own time. I tend to blame it on work and working on my degree, and while this is sometimes necessary, the real reason is I just haven’t honored my promise to myself to treat me with some priority.

    I have never hear of mindfulness chimes, but I have started setting the alarm on my phone to go off every hour when working on a computer task at work so I will be reminded to take a short break away from the keys.

    I still have a long way to go, but at least it’s a start!

  4. All I have to do is look outside. Don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to see spring. There are leaves on the trees… and after this winter, I was thinking that might never happen. Flowers all around, leaves on the trees, FINALLY warm weather. That’s all the reason I need to get away from the PC and get outside. I always love spring, but this year it seems so much more enjoyable.

  5. Does anyone else it find it amazing how colorful azaleas on a dreary day?

    As I sit at my dining room table, eating breakfast, and doing my morning email check, I keep looking out my window and am in awe of the color of my neighbors azaleas. The rest of my view is rather dreary, since it looks like it might rain, but the pink and purple is just jumping out at me.

    What a wonderful reminder to take some time for me to enjoy God’s art!!!!

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