mug shots…

Some dear pals recently gave me this mug.    I love it.  I’m sipping from it as I type this post.

Mugs are my weakness.

Some people collect T-shirts when they travel.  I collect mugs.   Each one I have tells a story.   It takes me back to that little town in Oregon.  Or to that great coffee shop in Talkeetna.  Or to the long and winding friendship I have with the person who gave it to me or even made it.

I don’t have any matching mugs.  When you share coffee, tea (or hot chocolate :)) with me at my home – you have to pick your own mug.

My mom always picks the same flowered mug when she visits.  I got it when Mom, my sister Mari & I were in Kensington, England.   It’s porcelain and perfect for Mom’s tea.  It also reminds us all of that wonderful trip back to her homeland.

My friend Jo often picks the same natural mug that has a dragonfly on it.  I’m not sure why.   Maybe she’ll tell us.

I know that in the scheme of things, mugs are not that important.   They do represent something very important though – choice.   The first choice I make every morning is what kind of coffee experience I want for the day.  It sets the course for the day.

I’m guessing most of us have something in our lives – like mugs – that are more important than they seem to be.   What’s yours?

10 thoughts on “mug shots…

  1. I have to say I’m with you on the mugs. My mom loved mugs, so I grew up in a home with many of them. By default I think, I became a mug collector too!

    I have six favorite mugs that I use to drink my coffee and tea. I keep them in a separate cabinet and wash them myself, because my husband, who does the dishes,tends to break them.

    I used to get very upset. Now, I just take care of themself myself!!

    My morning coffee mug is the huge Starbucks mug I bought in Seattle. Then throughout the day, I choose from my smiley, snowflake, or red/white Christmas mug for my tea. In the evening, I end the day with a cup of tea in a mug from my best friend that carries this message: Nothing to do, Nothing to do…. What a happy thought!!!!

  2. I have two favorite mugs, Lisa ~ the one I got at the Julian shrine in Norwich last summer on the pilgrimage, and a very old green one that used to say “Simplify” on it, but the words have worn away — how symbolic is that?

  3. I like to eat on different patterned blue and white salad sized plates. My sister gave me several a few years ago and I would love to have more! But for now, four does perfectly.

  4. Hmm…I guess I’m the guy who likes T-shirts. (Lisa will be amazed at this.) Each T-shirt reminds me of places I’ve been, and wonderful memories I have of those places. Each time I wear a T-shirt from a place I’ve been, I enjoy the memories all over again.

    I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’ve never drank coffee from a T-shirt….or worn a mug out in public. Perhaps there’s some combination I haven’t found yet.

  5. I like the shape, the size (not to big so the coffee stays hot), the handle is comfortable for my hand, & I like dragonflies. Best of all, though, is the time shared while having a cup of coffee or tea – no matter which mug you choose!!!

  6. I have a favorite mug for coffee that I drink from every morning. It has Winnie the Pooh (go figure) lying in a lush green meadow and on the other side Piglet holding a sign that says “Time for a little something”. There is also a tiny clover plant on the inside, just below the top. I Love this mug for two reasons–Winnie the Pooh of course, but mostly because my bestest friend for over 40 years, Keley, gave it to me. When I am drinking my coffee I remember all the gallons of coffee she and I have shared along with the love and caring for each other.

  7. Becky-You seem to have hit on am important commonality between all of us and our special things…..whether mugs or t-shirts, they all remind of us special people and memorable times!!!! What a small world!

  8. Susan, what a great message from your mug. LOVE IT!

    Alicia, i’ll be on the lookout for blue & white plates 🙂

    Tom, you DO love you Tshirts!;)

    Judi & Becky, thanks for that reminder about how/why we pick our ‘mugs’.

    THANKS to you all for commenting~~

  9. Oh, Lisa, I do the exact same thing each morning! I choose my mug according to what I feel I need spiritually each day, or to suit the mood of the upcoming day. My absolute favorite is the one with “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”. I have a Crayola mug for days when I’m teaching color to my students, an impressionistic garden scene mug for Saturdays Using it right now!), a sheep mug for Sundays, etc. (I actually used the last one as a visual aid when I did the children’s sermon about the 23rd Psalm back in the days when I was trying very hard to be an “orthodox” Christian. No one asks me to do the children’s sermon any more….hmmmm.)

  10. Oh, I was just putting away dishes and saw one I forgot to tell you about—you would love it! It’s white , oversized, with black spirals all over, and a PURPLE rectangle with the words, “YOU GO GIRL!”

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