9 thoughts on “a volcano ate my homework…

  1. Well, this excuse wasn’t mine, but I did think it was a good one.

    “I have horrible gas and I don’t want my work environment to be a fire hazard due to all of the methane gas that will be coming out of me. It would not be a productive work day for anyone.”

    Not good if you’re working in a cubicle.

  2. Tom and Phyllis-When I was student teaching, I had a clinical teacher tell me and my friends who were also student teaching, that if you ever needed a day off from work but weren’t really sick, to tell the secretary that “I am having gastrointestinal problems”.

    He said no one would ever question it.

    And, after teaching for 26 years, no one ever has! 🙂

  3. For me these days, my greatest excuse—and I swear it’s the truth—is “middle-age short term memory loss”. My forgetfulness is HORRIBLE! It drives my husband crazy, makes me miss meetings, and creates very annoying situations for me—like trying to locate something important that I put in a “safe place”—so safe I can’t even find it! The fact that both my husband and I are “pack rats” (oops–ANOTHER EXCUSE for my messy house and studio!) makes searching a challenge. I bet in another life time, I was squirrel responsible for the planting of many trees, having buried my nuts and forgetting where I hid them!

    Regarding the messy house, my favorite excuse I have ever heard, and now use frequently, was from the “Roseanne” show. She greeted a visitor at the door saying, “Excuse the mess—this is just the way we live.” Works for me!

  4. Mary Louise: I have never heard that Roseanne quote, but love it!!!

    I used to greet people to my home by telling them it was decorated in “Early American Child”!

  5. Well, I guess that “There was supposed to be bad storms today.” isn’t a good excuse for sleeping in on a Sunday?

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