natural wOws…

Last night I watched a movie that reminded me how profound seeing the Northern Lights for the first was for me.   Awe doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I’m grateful for all of the natural wOws I’ve witnessed.

Seeing (and hearing) The Lights is at the top of my list.

Witnessing the migration of dolphin here on the eastern North Carolina coast each December would be number 2.

And if I HAD to pick a number 3 – for the sake of this simple post – I guess it would have to be watching the sunrise at the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

How about you?  What are your top three natural wOws?

6 thoughts on “natural wOws…

  1. I needed a calming moment, so I came to your blog for refreshment and revitalization. And what a post to do it with it!

    1. The birth of my two children.
    2. Parasailing with my son.
    3. Watching my lantana bed go from brown and dead, to green and alive!

  2. 1. new-born Hannah’s eyes turning toward my face in the delivery room at the sound of my voice.

    2. a sparrow which lit on a rose bush and pecking off the aphids. ( this one was in 1976 and has never left me – it just looked like God to me)

    3. sitting on the rim of Canyon de Chelly as the full moon rose

    4. seeing 3 wild whooping cranes when I thought they were all gone –

  3. No other natural phenomenon I’ve seen in my life compares with watching the Northern Lights for an hour and a half in the back country of Alaska. Always heard they were incredible to see, but I had no idea how beautiful they could be. They swirled like ghosts in the sky, and were constantly changing shapes and moving across the sky. Not may people know it, but you can actually hear the Northern Lights. Sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies crackling (due to the static electricity they create). Without a doubt, the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.

    Second would have to be standing face to face with a bear on a wilderness trail in Alaska. Never been that scared. I knew one of us had to vacate the area, and I chose me….very carefully….and slowly.

    Third would probably be holding a dragonfly on the tip of my finger and realizing it was eating a honey bee as I watched it.

    So many wonderful things God give us. All we have to do is just look around, and many times in our own back yards.

  4. ok lisa~ here goes, so far:

    #1: finding a new unexplored swamp in n.w. wisconsin wilderness area, inflating rubber kayak and spending the day quietly investigating … more wildlife and plantlife in and around a swamp than imaginable.

    #2: watching/hearing annual spring migration of half million sandhill cranes on platt river (middle of missouri.)
    especially when they’re waking up for breakfast. five miles worth of beating crane wings right overhead~coming down river~magnificent eye food and earfood! then, there’s watching their mating dance, which brings tears for the beauty of their ritual.

    #3: exploring reef shelves in tonga, south pacific. some of the shelves are 1/2 mile deep: mysterious and dark at first, until you see the largest “sea forest” of your life…

  5. 1. Sawyer Glacier near Juneau, with all the waterfalls in the Tracy Arm Fjord on the way in and out.

    2. A sunrise over the Puget Sound in Port Townsend, WA in late October of last year. It was magical.

    3. The stars over Lake Waccamaw – lying on a pier late at night over the water – seeing the Milky Way for the first time since I was a child – the stars showing through clear holes in clouds racing over between me and the night sky, the waves splashing against the pier pillars under me.

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