how do make your garden grow?

It’s one of those fabulous Saturdays here in eastern North Carolina.  There’s just enough sunshine and breeze to dry the sheets on the line and just enough humidity to remind me that rain is on the way.

Rain will please our local gardeners.   I got to catch up with several of them this morning at our Farmers’ Market while I stocked up on fresh, local and healing produce.

This is the time of year that always gets me  thinking about how well I’m tending the garden that’s My Life.   I’ve spent a lot of time this morning pondering that.

All in all I’m pleased.

  • I sorted through the one stack of stuff I now allow myself.
  • I’ve prayed, meditated, exercised and eaten healthfully today.
  • I’ve connected with some dear friends and will connect with more after this post is finished.
  • I’ve made some important business-related choices that better honor my intentions for my business.
  • And I’ve had fun revisiting some of my favorite online resources for encouragement and focus.

When I’m looking for online resources, the site I always visit first belongs to a  woman named Christine. She’s one of those rare humans who’s impossible to describe by simply saying what she does. She writes, sings, coaches, walks, loves, cooks, plays, teaches, laughs all the way up into her eyes – by simply creating the life she wants to live.   And in doing that, a lot of people I know look at her thinking, “I want what she has!”.   I know I have.

Those of you dear folk who read this blog regularly know that I’m much more about asking the questions than having the answers.   Christine doesn’t have ALL the answers either, which I think is good ’cause people who do give me the creeps.  She does have The Gift of explaining how she found Her Answers and how you can find Yours too.

So if you could use a nudge, shove or sledgehammer to get you out of the chair you’re now in and pointed in Your Direction, I’d like to introduce you to Christine Kane. After you watch her concise intro video, be sure to check out the rest of her site, too.  Her music ROCKS and her blog is one of the few I read every time a new post is offered.

OK, enough about me and my gardening tools.  What are some of yours?

2 thoughts on “how do make your garden grow?

  1. I’m not sure what my gardening tools are right now, but I know this post came into my life at just the right time. (Remember, I don’t believe in coincidence!)

    I have just about finished one huge chapter in my life (earning my Ph.D) and know I will be embarking on another….I just don’t know what the adventure will be yet.

    But, I do know this…I am going to be more selective of how I use my gifts and time from now on. In that vein, I guess my new garden tool is learning to say “Let me pray about it” instead of saying YES or NO immediately.

    I have a friend who prays about requests on her time and/or life for three days before committing to anything. I love that practice and am going to strive to cultivate the “three day pause” in my life garden!

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