fighting fair…

Holding hands is a sacred gig to me.   It always has been.

So when I read an article by Jancee Dunn in this month’s Real Simple magazine, I was thrilled.   In it she describes some of the best advice she received from her father.   Number One was ‘hold hands while you hash it out’.

Sounds – well,  real simple, huh?   Not always easy though.   When I’m in the heat of the moment, stopping to make contact with the person WHO IS WRONG 😉 isn’t usually what I’m ready to do.

Gotta tell ya though, I had the opportunity to give this advice a try recently.  And you know what?  IT WORKS!  It worked even better because it was the other person who reached out first.


And wOw!

I don’t prefer conflict.    I prefer UNresolved conflict even less.    So the next time I’m in a conflict that I want resolved, I’ll remember AND be the first one to reach out.

How about you?  What’s your most effective way to resolve conflict?

5 thoughts on “fighting fair…

  1. punch ’em in the nose lisa~ but of course!!! then, whilst
    they are holding their nose, kick ’em in the shins and run
    like the dickens… every time

  2. Hmmm…….I have some hand holding I need to do at this very minute! Hope it works!!!!

  3. I just realized I never answered your question. That’s because I HATE conflict and usually greet it with silence, then creep away and pray that time & love will do the trick; because when I DO try to face it, I do what I did last night—-get totally SCREAM-O, then STRIDE away, BANG a door behind me….and pray that time & love will do the trick. Sooo, maybe it’s time to try the hand holding thing.

  4. When the conflict is at work, I can usually be calm and listen to the other person and talk things out.

    When the conflict is at home or with other family members, I usually have melt down, then end up apologizing, and doing what the other person wants because I feel guilty about my melt down behavior.

    Holding hands might really help me loose the guilt!!!!

  5. Jane, am smiling LARGELY as i read your reply. you, the anti-bully! THANKS:)

    Mary Louise, hope the hand holding thing worked as well for you as it did me!

    Judi, i know exactly what you mean about dealing with conflict differently when it’s w/someone i love. ugh. guilt = no good.

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