be careful what you ask for…

I was talking with a dear pal recently.  And yep, I have her permission to mention bits of our conversation here.

She’s in the process of making a significant life change.   She told me she’s waiting for a sign to be sure she’s making the right choice.  Here’s how some of our conversation went:

ME:  So have you gotten any signs?

HER:  Yes, I’ve gotten several.  That’s the problem.

ME:   What do you mean?

HER:   I kept asking for a sign.  I should have asked for a sign that tells me to do what I WANT to do.


What kinds of ‘waiting for signs’ experiences have ya’ll had??

2 thoughts on “be careful what you ask for…

  1. Sweet soul sistah,

    My recent “asking for a sign” story is too fresh and painful to share, but man, oh, man is it real. I’m sending energy to your friend to make the right call….and at the right time.

    PS – so enjoyed some facetime Friday night!

  2. Pickett, am sure my pal will appreciate the energy.
    and rightbackatcha!

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