concerting memories…

I just spoke with my tenth pal who’s attended one of Carole King and James Taylor’s Troubadour Tour concerts.  Manoman, am I jealous!

I’ve seen JT several (ok, 17) times.  I’ve never seen Carole King in person though.   Was hoping I’d make it to one of the shows in this tour.  It’s not working out that way though.

I’m over it.

And I’m celebrating the awesome concerts I’ve experienced over the years.  I won’t bore ya’ll with the list.  I will, however, note some of the standouts.

Clapton – in celebration of my 40th.

John Prine.

JT with just he & his guitar in an auditorium that only seated 300.

Bonnie Raitt.

The Stones – in Clemson’s Death Valley.

BB King.

Seals & Crofts and John Denver – back in The Day.

(Sir) Paul McCartney w/ Wings.


Sting.  ahhhhhhhhhhh, Sting.

and yes, I’m a Dead Head.

OK, I’ll stop now.   I’m feeling grateful for these experiences and the others I haven’t mentioned.  I’m also feeling sad that I probably won’t get to see Carole King.

Guess I’m not over it – yet.

So if you’ve seen her, PLEASE tell us all about it.  Or tell us about some of your favorite concerts.

5 thoughts on “concerting memories…

  1. Lisa,
    My husband knows that my ultimate concert is JT front row tickets… maybe just maybe he can make it happen one day!!
    WOW!! The Stones in Death Valley…. I know it was rocken. I love that place!!
    I just watched JT/ carol king concert on PBS. Wonderful. Enough said.


  2. lisa
    i was reading this and it’s so hard for me, i mean i love all the concerts i go to. the more i experience it seems to get easier to determine favorites in some ways but hard in other ways

    a few of mine include

    the allman brothers at walnut creek with my mom
    it was the first time i ever saw the allman brothers live
    and they played one way out (mom’s favorite) and followed it with jessica, which i learned was a rariety

    widespread panic (i think it might of been the 20th something panic show) front row at red rocks ampitheatre in colorado

    and david bryne at prospect park in brooklyn-everyone went home early and i stayed there, called my firend and we rocked out together to all three encores

    Bowie-that one makes me cringe with a bit of jealously

  3. Catherine, i SO look forward to hearing from you after you enjoy that front row JT experience!

    Jessica, i’ll trade you my Bowie from your Byrne ;). rock on dear woman!

  4. Some of my fav’s, in no particular order:

    J.T. at an outdoor venue in New York — under a FULL MOON!!!

    The Stones, the Stones, the Stones (last concert that I saw, they totally embarassed opening act – and 30 years younger! – Counting Crows)

    Rod Stewart – 4 times, every show better than the previous one

    The Police Synchronicity Tour — as you said, aaaahhhhhh Sting!

    Springstein in a January concert, where his last encore (after 4-1/2 hrs!) was “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

    The Cars

    Van Morrison

    Nothing more fun than a Buffet concert 🙂

    Sade – simplicity made splendid & sexy, any time you have a chance to see her, GO!

    Hank Williams Jr – where I confirmed all my rowdy friends have NOT settled on down

    Robert Cray

    Pavarotti in Central Park!!!

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