the joy of swapping…

I’m taking a break after just spending two hours on swaptree.   If you haven’t yet discovered swaptree and enjoy books, music or movies – beware.   When you sign up, you’ll relinquish control of – well, I’m guessing at least two hours.

I just traded two books I haven’t touched in years for books I’ve been eager to read.   And all for the cost of shipping.

In my past life – as a banker who traveled at least three out of every five days – I would have loved and celebrated one of those way cool-high-tech-e.readers.   These days though, I’m home.  Or I’m someplace I can easily carry and celebrate a book.   So I’m a library junkie.   And NOW I’m a swaptree fan.  And JUST IN TIME for summer reading!

Just wanted to be sure ya’ll knew about this great online resource.   Read on!

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