water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…

I recently got word that my water/sewage bill is soon going to (more than) double.

Now I don’t live under a rock.  I get that there’s been a water crisis for ages.  I’ve paid attention.  I’ve taken steps.  I’ve made changes.  I’ve tried to do my part.

So I wasn’t too worried – till I got notice about the change in what I’ll be paying.

Nothing like someone reaching into One’s wallet to grab One’s attention, eh?

Out of curiosity, I took this online quiz to estimate my water usage.  I was horrified that all of my efforts hadn’t made much difference.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this realization.  How are ya’ll conserving water?

4 thoughts on “water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…

  1. Well, I took the quiz too, and my household uses 9855 gallons a year less than the average Tampa household. We were saved by the fact that we use very little water for outside purposes.

    I also helped my family average on shower length. My daughter and husband average 10 minute showers, but I usually take 5-7 minutes (I logged the 7 in the quiz)

    So sorry to hear your water bill is doubling! WOW!

  2. good for you, Judi! looks like i’ll be figuring out a way to use this lake to water my outdoor treasures 😉


  3. Our water rate is going up because the total town usage through conservative usage resulted in not enoogh revenue to operate the water company here in Pine Knoll Shores. So the answer to lowering your bill is to use more water.

  4. YOWZA Roger – i wonder if the same thing didn’t happen here. THANKS! thinks i’ll go do some laundry 🙂

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