This post is going to be a bit longer than my norm.   Just wanted to warn you.

There’s a lot swirling in my head right now that all seems to fit together.  I’m not just sure how yet.

I am sure it’s about:

  • a celebrity I admire;
  • standing my ground against a big internet company;
  • and tattoos.

There are so many cool people on this planet.  I admire, love and celebrate many I’ve met.  And some I haven’t met.

There are also some people I know well enough.  They’re not who I’m writing about though.

I’m writing about someone I’ve never met and admire  – Helen Mirren. And ( my long time readers will note I’m still avoiding saying BUT) I just know she’s someone with whom I’d love to hang out.  I bet if we talked on the phone – it would be for hours.

And oh yeah, by now everyone knows she has a tattoo.  She got hers way before everyone else.  She’s even said publicly that she’s now disgusted by hers – because they’re now so “mainstream” – which she says is totally unacceptable to her.

Even though my only tattoo is much newer than hers, it’s in a similar place -except mine is on my right hand.  I didn’t know where hers was when I got mine.  I was thrilled when I found out the similarity though.   This woman is my celebrity hero.  She represents everything feisty, smart, willing, funny, creative, caring and dangerously honest that I celebrate.

So now about the standing my ground part.  Yesterday I spent about two hours on the phone with a major internet company with whom I’ve done business for more than 12 years.  I get that I’m not BIG business for them.  That wasn’t the point.  I’d found out that I’d been paying $30.95 a quarter for a service for which new customers are now paying $21.95.   After the 35 minutes it took me to track down a phone number, the dance began.   I spoke with a woman who seemed nice enough.  She just wasn’t very interested in digressing from the script she clearly had in front of her.  I spoke with a gentleman who explained he’d gotten into an argument with the First Woman because he SO wanted to help me.  He sadly explained he could not help though.

I’m at the 1.5 hour mark on the phone at this point.  If I have to listen to some distorted version of Jimmy Buffett meets Muzak one more time, I know I’m going to lose It.

Then I look at my right hand.  I see the tattoo.   I remember that I chose the symbol because it has lots of meanings (officially and just to me): peace, letting go, eternity, that all shall be well and determination.  And I remember Helen Mirren.

I wonder how she’d handle this.  What Would Helen Mirren Do?

OF COURSE I ask to speak the The Supervisor.

The Supervisor is very apologetic.  He explained why The First Woman and The Gentleman handled my call as they had.  Then he explains why Company Policy won’t allow him to do as I want either.

I SO WANT TO SCREAM at The Supervisor.  Instead, I look at my tattoo and ask to speak to His Supervisor.  I won’t bore you with all of the I saids and he saids here.

His Supervisor came to the phone and thanked me for my 12 + years of loyalty to The Company.  He then explained that he had personally made the change I requested and that,  out of respect, my upcoming quarterly fee had been waved.


That was all it took?   Two hours, the imagining of Helen Mirren and a tattoo.

Who knew?

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t look for fights.   I hope they also join me in knowing when It’s Worth It.  How do you do it?

5 thoughts on “WWHMD?

  1. I’m so proud of you, Tatoo Girl, for standing your ground!!! Sometimes it just hits you: This Is It….this is worthy of a fight. Other times, you simply sigh and think “oh well.” You’ve inspired me and reminded me that Delta Airlines and I are getting ready to tango. Wish me luck – and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’m usually too insecure to pursue something when I think I’ve been “wronged”, but I did have one time when I KNEW I had the right to fight; and like you, I took it to the top! The paint on my car was literally peeling off in strips, and I couldn’t get anyone with the local dealership to help me, because I was out of warranty. A body shop told me the reason it was happening was that when the car was manufactured, it hadn’t been primed properly; so it had nothing to do with how the car had been treated. It was defective from the get-go. So, I went to the library (this was before we all had computers at home) and did some research to find the name and address of the the car company’s vice-president, in charge of manufacturing. I wrote to him, explaining the situation and enclosed photos of the peeling paint along with large hunks of the paint that had bubbled up and peeled off. About a week later, I had a call from the vice-president’s assistant, telling me that the company would pay to have the whole car repainted. YAY! I was proud that, for once, I had stood my ground! So, I guess the answer is, your gut will tell you when it’s worth the fight; and if it is, take it to the top!

  3. I guess I’m in the learn to pick your battles stage of my life. In the past, I fought lots of things wisely and unwisely. Now, I’m a bit slower to fight, but again, am still picking some unwise battles.

    Think peace and calm in the midst of the storm…… a great place for me to start!

    And way to go on sticking to you guns! 🙂

  4. Oooo yeah! I had this same type of “conversation” with my TV provider-I stopped after 2 supervisors-Think I’ll call them back!

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