6 thoughts on “a gentle reminder…

  1. I love this photo message!!!! I am thinking I need to create one of my own to hang on my office wall!

    I’m not doing much wanderin’ right now, but when my daughter and I go on vacation to the beach beginning mid July, I expect for my mind to do lots of wandering as I wander up and down the beach!

    I still have to be rather mentally focused right now, but I KNOW I need mental wandering time too! Can’t wait to actually do it!!!!

    Wanderlust to all!

  2. Ever smile when something comes along at just the right time? Lisa, today’s post was exactly that kind of “something”. After an incredibly busy spring and a week of VBS, my need for wandering is huge! And like the previous response — it is not quite time to do this. The time will come, and soon. Until then, this message will be on my bulletin board.

    Here’s to the wandering wonder of a summer schedule!

  3. Judi, hope your beach time wandering is all you want and MORE!

    Carrie, looking forward to hearing about your wonderFULL wanderings!

    thanks to you both for letting me know this message encouraged you…

  4. This is the perfect message for me today. I am a “middle-aged” single mother who has done the child-raising gig and although I love them dearly it’s time for me to get on with what I want to do. This involves wandering, and it is scary. I’m a social worker and a writer and the writer part of me wants to move south where I can do research on my next historical novel. (I published one already.)
    This is the type of goal that even my own child rolls her eyes at when I say it. And truthfully, half of me wishes I could just stay put and do what presumably normal middle-aged women do, work, pay mortgage, etc, and just write as a hobby. In other words, stay put! But I’m not built that way and this is my blessing and my curse. Will I take the safe way out, or will I wander into the unknown? All I know is that when I saw this post, my heart lifted much, much higher, and that to me seems like an answer and this sign seems like a “sign” from above.
    So thank-you. ~ Ann

  5. My husband saw this on a t-shirt on our trip last week and said that it would be his motto. Great motto for both of us!

  6. Laurie, it’s one of my favorite quotes, too. i even have it on a ring that i wear daily ~ that it’s from Tolkien makes it all the better!

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