sprinkles of hope…

I’ve rediscovered sprinkles.

Sprinkles ROCK.

Sprinkles help me focus on what’s cool & good and forget what’s not.

Sprinkles are going to be my new summertime pal.

Every year I seem to forget how summer time can zap my spirit.  Even worse, I forget how to KEEP it from zapping my spirit.  I posted about this dance last year .

This year, sprinkles are my summer survival sisters.   I’m going to keep a container of them kitchen counter.    So I’ll remember to choose if I want to be miserable or if I want to chill out, let it be and celebrate what’s in front of me.

Sprinkles are my new symbol of hope.

What are your sprinkles this summer?

4 thoughts on “sprinkles of hope…

  1. My 4-month-old granddaughter, Adaline. NOTHING else matters when I am with her.
    I’m with you, Lisa, about summer. And this one is starting out unpleasantly in NC. Thank God for AC!

  2. My beautiful flowers-they give me inspiration everyday! I marvel at what different ones are blooming daily ( also marvel at the water bill that it is taking to keep them alive) but they are worth every penny!! They truly are a gift of God!

  3. My expected first baby grandson, due Sept. 2nd! He’ll be born in Barcelona, Spain, so thank the Lord for Skype!

  4. ooooo Robin, Corrine & Lois, grandchildren and flowers ~ YES!
    (and Corrine, YES to the water bills, too! some things ARE worth it, eh?)
    thanks to you all for sharing your HOPE.
    i send you mine…

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