the 13th Cheap Therapy Pay it Forward Grant Winner is…

It’s always a difficult process to choose each grant winner.  So many inventive and qualified people apply.   Sadly though, only one applicant is chosen for each grant.

 I send deep and humble thanks to all applicants for this July grant.  And I encourage you to reapply by December 15, 2010,  for the 14th grant, which will be awarded January 1, 2011.

I’m honored to award this 13th Pay it Forward Grant to Casting Nets – a group of twelve independent commercial shrimpers’ families from North and South Carolina have joined forces to help 36 independent commercial shrimpers’ families from Louisiana and Mississippi.

As D. James, the group’s spokesperson explains, “Shrimpers are an odd bunch.  We shrimp because we love the work. We love the work because it’s in our blood.  After talking with some of our friends on the Gulf, we knew we couldn‘t fix the whole mess, but we had to do something to help.”

He adds, “We all knew someone whose life had been directly affected by the spill.  So we each picked three Gulf shrimping families to ‘adopt’.   We’ve each invited our ‘adpopted’ Gulf region shrimper to come run our boats for a week(keeping the full catch to sell or share as they want). More important though, our kids are getting to know each other by E-mailing and texting. They will all meet for a week in Louisiana this August to work with trained National Wildlife Federation volunteers helping wounded birds.

…Five of our wives, who are teachers, are organizing the week.  We’re all very excited about the positive ripples it will help our children create.

…There is a lot of money being thrown at this oil spill problem.  We’re not asking for your grant to pay bills.   The Pay it Forward Grant will be used to subsidize this educational, spiritual and life changing experience of 67 shrimpers’ children from NC, SC, LA and MS.”

Thanks to the generosity of several individuals and businesses who simply want to join in the Pay it Forward fun, Casting Nets is receiving $900 (rather than the originally offered $500) – which I’m certain they will Pay Forward for many years to come.

Thanks to you ALL for all the ways you Pay it Forward.

4 thoughts on “the 13th Cheap Therapy Pay it Forward Grant Winner is…

  1. Congrats for awarding this wonderful group the grant and Good Luck to the group!

    Can you keep us posted on how they do?

  2. This is outstanding. I love when something amazing materializes out of challenging times.

  3. thanks for the cheers, Judi & Teri! they sure deserve ’em. will keep ya posted as i hear more…

  4. This is such a great idea! Amazing what can happen when people decide to get involved and really want to do something to help. What an innovative…and very helpful… idea this group has. Thank, Lisa, for awarding the grant to a VERY deserving group.

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