#26 in a year of Sunday Stairways…

wOw!  Six months ago I began this little quest to post a different version of Stairway to Heaven each Sunday morning for a year.  Have to admit, there’ve been some times I doubted there were enough out there.  THANKS TO YA’LL, the options seems almost limitless.  

Hope you’ll stay tuned for the next 26 weeks to see for yourself.  Also hope you’ll continue to send in your favs.

In the  meantime, here’s one in honor of reaching our half-way point AND July 4 celebrations in the US…

One thought on “#26 in a year of Sunday Stairways…

  1. Fireworks AND Stairway-to-Heaven — how perfect! When I see the fireworks tonight this tune will certainly be with me.

    I look forward to the next half of the year — climbing the stairway together.

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