rushing to relax…

Holiday weekends at Lake Waccamaw are always an adventure.  This past one was no exception.

This normally quiet place was filled with hundreds of extra people, animals, boats, lit grills and fireworks.   The energy level rises.  You can feel it in the air.

Even after 23 years here, I never cease to be amazed by the phenomenon of watching people GEAR UP to wind down.  After the excitement of last night’s PHENOMENAL fireworks, there’s an equally phenomenal calm exploding over the lake this morning.

The past few days I’ve witnessed so many people GETTING READY to relax.

This morning, they’re doing it.

I can almost hear the lake sigh.

This makes me want to be sure that the next time I go on vacation – I spend at least as much time vacating as I do getting ready to vacate.   How are your vacations going this summer?

6 thoughts on “rushing to relax…

  1. I am preparing for my three week vacation at Ocean Isle by planning the relaxing things I will do. I am excited about sipping coffee on the beach in the morning and wine in the afternoon. Yes, I have the proper ceramic travel mug, so my beverage of choice will only be known to me!

    I am also looking forward to selecting my beach reading.

    And of course, renting a golf cart, so my daughter can go after our dinners (take out) so I don’t have to cook.

    Yes, I love cruises and vacations to hot vacation spots, but I really love my relaxing time as well!

    Happy relaxing to everyone!

  2. I left my home and went to a friend’s home in the country. 2 acres of land, ‘free-range’ chickens, no street lights and a beautiful river to sit near as fireworks lit the sky. Barely planned (last minute invite) – I brought only what I needed and return today feeling rested and ready.
    Planning can be very stressful! And what about that anxious feeling when it is time to go home? I do not have it today — wonder why some returns leave you feeling more tired and stressed?
    May relaxing really be the experience for everyone!

  3. My daughter and I were talking about that today. It seems we spend so much of our lives preparing for the next thing, instead of enjoying the moments, that our lives go by too fast! I want to spend more time in the present moments and days!

  4. Being retired and living at the beach, the cycle of vacationing is when your house guests finally have the car packed to depart. You wish them well, safe travel home, until next year, relaxing is after you do the laundry and clean house, sit down in your favorite chair and recall memories of your vacation at Grandma and Papa’s.

  5. I well remember the days before I retired… take a week’s vacation, and the first two days are just trying to “be there.” Finally you relax, and you have 4 great days of vacation. Then, you spend the last day thinking of all the things you need to do when you get back….at work mostly, and at home. So a weeks’ vacation usually ended up being only 3-4 days of relaxing.

    So sad to see the folks that have only 3 days to get everything packed in. Travel, packing, unpacking, shopping for groceries, repacking, etc. No time to relax, gotta get all the activities jammed in. Only a set number of hours to get it all done, so no time to tarry.

    Now that I’m retired, it seems so comical to watch everyone. Been there, done that…..and life is better on the other side. JMHO

  6. Judi, i SO CELEBRATE your family’s time at OIB! i trust it will be all you want and more. if you get some free time (:)) hope you’ll consider heading to Bird Island (down from Sunset Beach to visit the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. you would LOVE it.

    Carrie, i am STILL SMILING because you were willing and able to take advantage of such a rich and holy YES!

    Lois, i have a feeling you’re enjoying THIS MOMENT better than most. THANKS & LOVE to you…

    Roger, had to giggle when i read your description of the packing and sending off 😉 . and then your mentioning of grandma/papa… well, that just made me ::sigh::. holy, indeed!

    Tom, yup, it’s a humble honor and blessing to LIVE ON VACATION. yay yay yay

    deep and humble bows of THANKS to you all …

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