5 thoughts on “did you see that?

  1. So far I’ve noticed: turkey poults following Prewitt the Peacock across the yard, a red truck that slowed down to let the guineas get out of the road (thanks folks), what a luxury a hot cup of coffee is in the predawn hours.

  2. The other day while walking to the Vegetable stand in my neighborhood, I noticed a baby dove! I had never seen one before!

  3. I noticed the beautiful babyish curve of my four year old’s cheek and realized that he is indeed my last “baby” and fast growing up. For so long I was swimming in diapers and baby food and now all three are no longer babies. Gather ye chubby-cheek kisses while ye may . . .

  4. Saw a fawn bolting through my yard this morning. First deer I’ve seen in my yard in months. He/she didn’t seem to have any idea where it was going. But it was sure having fun running. Always amazed at how neat it is to see a deer in my yard. And always amazed at how they couldn’t care less that I’m watching them. Nature is wonderful.

  5. wOw! thanks for the reminders of Prewitt, kind drivers, coffee, baby doves, a precious child’s cheek, a fawn and simply noticing!

    i send you all ALL that is good~~~

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