how do you know?

There’s a gig going on in my world that has me baffled.

I want to know what to do – how to handle it the BEST way.

I don’t.

So I keep asking.

And trusting.

And breathing.

And praying.

And meditating.

And even cleaning my oven.

I’m  thinking of buying a Magic 8 Ball next.

Before doing that, I thought I’d ask ya’ll.

What’s your process when you don’t know what to do next?

8 thoughts on “how do you know?

  1. Wait. And then all that other stuff you listed. And take deep breaths. And say bad words. Then I start over again. It sure isn’t fun, but I’m better at waiting than I used to be.

  2. Amen to Robin’s comments — wait, for more to be revealed. And try to not bump my head too hard on the wall!

  3. thanks for the reminder to wait, Robin & Donna. will do. and Donna, i’ll look out for those walls, too! 🙂

  4. A very wise person once told me, “Let go….let God.” I try my best to follow this, but I always let Him/Her know that I’m there to provide detailed instructions should they be needed. He/She doesn’t always listen well. But His/Her path is always the right one. Been searching the Internet for ways to get more control. Nothing so far.

  5. I have been known to write my options on index cards, toss them in the air, and follow the guidance provided on whichever cards land face up.

    The options I use are generally the ones you mentioned, by the way.

    At least by tossing the cards in the air, I feel like I am doing something!

  6. Try free online tarot card readings. Google Tarot and/or Osho Zen Tarot. Its fun and cheaper than a Magic 8 Ball!

  7. As you know only too well, I’m a talker….can’t help it—I’m the youngest of three sisters who all take after our talkative mother. We can’t help but share way too much information with way too many people. Soooo, when I can’t figure out the next step to something I tend to share the details with anyone kind enough to listen, and then listen to their feedback and see how it jives with my gut feeling. This process either confirms my gut feeling OR provides me with different ways of looking at a situation, different angles of perception that broaden my outlook. THEN, I can go back to the things on your list (minus the oven cleaning, unfortunately, cuz mine needs it!) with more ideas as I wait for enlightenment towards the proper action.

  8. Tom, yup – that control thing is a booger, eh? thanks!

    Judi, thanks for the reminder that i need more cards

    Carol, thanks for the tarot tip

    Mary Louise, information & enlightenment – and sharing them is SO GOOD. thanks!

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