‘rainbow bridge’ introductions…

R.I.P.  Aslan the Wonderdog

03.??95 – 08.09.10

If you’ve ever let go of an other-than-human family member, I hold you in my heart.

I also welcome and celebrate your introductions/ stories about your dear ones ~ so Aslan will know more about the creatures she’ll now meet across that Rainbow Bridge.

19 thoughts on “‘rainbow bridge’ introductions…

  1. I am so thankful I got to spend a week with her. You gave her the very best life. I am so proud of you. You showed great love.

  2. Grendle was with me 16 years and we had many adventures together and some she enjoyed(?) on her own. We made our way through near blizzard conditions that required breaking into a summer camp to thaw and dry out and, after she tried sharing my snowshoes, carrying her a mile because the snow was too deep. She was chased by coyotes across the New Mexican dessert. She rode on the back of my motorcycle. She got stuck in the trailer of a semi and rode twenty miles in the dark. She made the local paper enough to provide my restaurant with lots of free advertising. She kept me focused when I was ready to give up. For me the most poignant story is the day she lay still while I removed 27 porcupine quills from her mouth and face with needle nose pliers. She was so trusting. When her liver shut down I took three sick days and lay with her believing she was dieing. On the third day she hopped up, ate, drank and started playing with the Jack Russell. She lived another two years and was healthy up to the last week. Damn! I thought I was over crying about her.

  3. Our Elsie (1991-2008) was an introverted cocker spaniel and provided my son, a very shy and self-conscious child, a safe place to show affection and nurture for another of God’s creatures. Now he is caring for and nurturing college students as a resident director. Thank you, Elsie.

  4. It has been just over two years since my Golden, Splinter has been gone. I dreaded that day from the first time I laid eyes on him. He was my best friend and constant companion. I held him in my arms until he breated his last breath. Even the Dr’s words, as comforting as they were could not hold back the flood of tears that erupted as I let him go. He said “Think of this as the last, good thing you can do for him”. I still miss Splinter. He was my buddy for 15 years. Know that I am thinking of you, and hopefully Aslan and Splinter will play a game of “see if you can take away the stick!”

  5. When I was a newlywed, I found Zuzu, a young doberman +?, lying in the road, a victim of hit & run. I scooped her up and took her to our old country vet, who saved her life; and she became our “baby” until we finally succeeded in having human children. She had, happily, never had her long, velvety ears cut or her elegantly curved tail bobbed, which made her more beautiful to me, and made me wonder why people want to do that to other dobies. When I was pregnant with our twins, Zuzu would take long walks with me, running like a gazelle across the back fields, and would then lay her head on my belly as I rested. I’m sure she sensed the twins’ presence. She patiently accepted all the hugs from the boys and their younger sister as they crawled all over her as babies and toddlers. She was with us for many years, and her grave site in our garden is a sacred spot to me. I often sit there in the evening and smile as I feel HER presence. If Aslan meets Zuzu, she will find a loyal and loving friend!

  6. THANKS, darlin’ Linda.

    Jim, Grendle is Aslan’s soul sister – i can tell. i’m so grateful to know they’re adventuring together.

    Elaine, Aslan had her shy side too. i know she and Elsie will be HUGE pals.

    Phil, Splinter sounds like the boyfriend Az always wanted.
    AND she had some Golden in her, too. who knows ~ mayhaps there’s a canine connection goin’ on over there 🙂

    Mary Louise, what a joy to know Zuzu is now showing Az the cool places to be and explore.

    THANKS to you all. i’m humbled and honored by the tears i know were shed in sharing these holy parts of your life.

  7. Oh my dear, dear girl! I know how you love your babies and oh how they showed they knew it, too! You’ve heard my sad tale of Toby the Wonder-wuus. I still miss him and sometimes call our younger version of him “Toby” (full name, “Toby’s Little Brother Parker”) by mistake. I may not be as free with my heart as I was when a child or when my own children were newborn and adoring, except when I’m with my loving, trusting pets. They give us such hope and wonder, don’t they? You and her playmate will be able to share that feeling of helplessness and meandering for the short term, and all the many blessed memories in coming days. Its fun to imagine Asland and all of your friends’ canine angels frolicking together and ready to jump us like a basket full of puppies! Big hugs and wet kisses for both of you! L

  8. I was “adopted” by my first cat (Puff) when he decided to leave my neighbor’s house and take up permanent residence at my place. (He adopted me = I constantly plied him away with tasty food.) When Puff passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, I swore I’d never get another cat. Too hard to let go of our little loved ones when they pass on. But about a year after Puff was gone, a scrawny little kitten wandered in out of the woods, nearly starved to death. “I’ll feed her, then send her on her way.” Yeah, right. She slept in a tree in the woods for 3 weeks, and would only come down to eat. Then she decided to sleep on my deck. So, I was adopted by a second cat (Arwen). And I love Arwen as much or more than my first cat. Seems God knows when we need a new friend to fill the void.

  9. George, named by our then 5 year old granddaughter, showed up in our lives in 2000 and and left last year as I held him in my arms. He was an elegant black cat who clearly thought he was a large dog. No matter what he was regal, accepting of adoration and praise for his beauty and did absolutely no work whatsoever, yet knew his worth. I love him still.,

  10. Shep, my wandering white German (1966-(1973), Gretchen, my chubby wubby Schnauzer (1974-1986) and Millie Dew, my snipey in the muzzle Dalmation (1987-1997) were faithful, kind and loving with upbeat tail wagging personalities. You know the type. Remembering my beloved ones brings me joy.

    I choose to believe that:

    “He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet he shall live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”

    “Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. All we go down to dust; yet even at the grave we make our song: Alleluia, alleluia, allelluia.”

    I am sure our beloved pets are believers, and are singing across that rainbow bridge!

  11. Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry. I have never cried like I did when we put Betsey the beagle to sleep–not even for my sister or my parents dying. Elizabeth Cornelia (we’d just taken the girls to Biltmore) was the most lovable, noisy, loving, wide-open pain in the ass and she left behind a HUGE hole in our lives. I hope your dear one rests up for Betsey–she was kind of high-energy and high-maintenance but totally worth it. What a beautiful image of all our babies playing together and making God smile!

  12. dear ones,
    THANKS for your holy introductions to Toby, Puff, George, Shep, Millie Dew & Betsey.
    LOVE knowing that Aslan is making such grand new pals.

    i send you all ALL that is good.

  13. Aslan will surely be met by the entire Losh family crew that has crossed the rainbow bridge, including guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, cats, and two dogs.

    Shelli (yellow lab) and Meggie (border collie; lab mix) were our two dogs. Shelli was 2 years older than Meggie and when Shelli had to be put to sleep (She had gone to a ditch down the street and go seriously hurt), Meggie was devastated.

    Two years after Shelli died, Meggie went to the EXACT same ditch when she was ready to die (she had spinal issues and was becoming paralyzed). I took Meggie to the vet and was with her when she was put to sleep. During my time alone with her before the injection, the radio played some song titled “She’s traveling light tonight” about an elderly woman who had lived her life well and had passed away. I had just asked Meggie if I was doing right by her and then the song played, as if it was her answer.

    Both dogs (and one of the cats) have been cremated and sit on top of my piano. I even have a toy dog that looks like Meggie standing between the two dog house urns.

    I’m sorry to hear about Aslan’s passing, and like everyone else, my heart goes out to you Lisa! We all know he was well loved and well-loving. He has lots of good company in heaven!!!!!

  14. There was a man who died and went to “the other side”. He came to a silver gate adorned with many jewels. The person who met him there welcomed him in. The man asked if pets were allowed and was told NO! The man then said “I don’t want to come in” and kept walking.

    A bit further down the road, he came upon another gate,but this one was a simple wooden gate. This gatekeeper welcomed him as well and when the man asked if pets were welcome, he was told “OF COURSE!” So, the man entered here.

    When he asked the gatekeeper about the other gate, the gatekeeper told him, “That is our screening gate. Welcome to heaven!”

  15. I’ve come to your blog every day since Aslan’s death, fully prepared to type and not cry — and every day I have failed! In addition to all the faithful furry & purry friends I’ve met (thanks to all the loving comments that have been posted), Aslan has been greeted by our girls Bailey & Lucy.

    Bailey, our stoic & faithful chocolate lab of 15-1/2 years, will be a great friend & playmate. Bailey was quite the athlete in her prime; even in later years (with torn ACLs in both legs), she gave Lenny a run for his money playing fetch! Bailey is beautiful, strong (big, broad chest), and loyal. Lendon’s previous chocolate lab, Hershey, was blind. Lendon would send Bailey out when Hershey strayed, telling her to “fetch Hershey.” Our wonderdog would run to him, bark at him, and pound the ground and woof woof all the way to the house, leading her brother home.

    I’ve taken up too much room, I know; but I’m going to be piggish and post again!

  16. Part II: Aslan has also been greeted by Lucy, a little more hesitantly than by Bailey but greeted – or maybe tolerated -by The Goose. Once our girls get to know each other, however, Lucy will be a great friend.

    Our beloved Golden Retriever of 10 years, Lucy is the smartest dog I’ve ever known. She understands English better than many people! 🙂 Despite her crooked tooth, she is ALL THAT, and she knows it! She is fiercely faithful and loving to me. After I’d had surgery she stayed by my side for more than 12 hours. Warned my ex-husband and then growled at him when he tried to get her to leave my bedside to go potty. I finally struggled to the door for her.

    I wanted to be the last face, smell, & memory that she experienced. And I was, as we were nose to nose when the vet put her down….

    She is a beautiful girl with a gorgeous red coat. I pray that God has healed her bone cancer & hip trouble but that He has left that crooked tooth intact! Woof Woof Aslan, Bailey, & Lucy Goosey — along with a host of other faithful friends on the Bridge.

  17. Judi, what an JOY to meet Meggie and Shelli! Az is in SUCH rich company.

    Pickett, i miss dear Bailey & Lucy with and for ya. healing, indeed. and SO much love.

    THANKS to all who are sharing your stories. this love thing is one holy gig, eh?

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