seeing differently…

I recently listened to a Fresh Air interview with Sue Barry.   Barry is a neurobiologist who spent most of her life without steroscpic vision.  Which means her vision of the word was not 3D.   In the interview and her book Fixing my Gaze, she explained how, with the help of a developmental optometrist, she was able to retrain her eyes so she could see 3D.

Witnessing the overcoming of perceived obstacles always fascinates and encourages me.   I’m especially fascinated when people can train themselves to see the world differently.

I’m left wondering how different the world would appear if I could train myself to look at it differently.

  • I bet I’d see that demanding child as fearful and wanting some very basic reassurance.
  • I bet I’d see that indifferent cashier as someone who feels invisible and undervalued.
  • I bet I’d see that long-winded and repetitive storyteller as someone who simply wants to be heard.

I bet I’d see through a lot of the filters blocking my current vision.

So in addition to getting my vision checked, I’m going to start checking my own vision.

What happens when you check yours?  And how do you do it?

6 thoughts on “seeing differently…

  1. Mine generally gets checked retroactively…unfortunately. As it happens, this occurred quite recently. In a hurry-scurry, helter-skelter, get-it-done kind of way, I scampered to get something done. Then afterwards, I took a breath and looked back: oh, no! what was I thinking (or better stated, why wasn’t I thinking?!?) ????. Is that really something with which you want to be associated? Are you proud of that, Pickett? Yikes!!! Hindsight sure is 20-20….

  2. i know what you mean, Pickett. sometimes i feel like i’d see things better if i walked around backwards 🙂

    THANKS for letting us know your experience~

  3. I remember telling my mom once when she was frustrated with my then 2 year old nephew, that he hadn’t read the manual on being two yet. She laughed and said it had been awhile for her too!

    My nephew is now 20 and my mom is decesased, but that incident years ago comes to mind whenever I need to retrain my world vision!

  4. Judi, i LOVE that~ thanks! btw, where’s the book on being 52 – think i need to read THAT one 😉

  5. What a great reminder that my perspective on anything is my window on the world. Whenever I am feeling out of sorts with my life, maybe I need to look at things in a different way …

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