looking forward to dessert…

It’s been a great Labor Day weekend here at Lake Waccamaw for Take the Lake.    Hundreds of people pulled, pushed, paddled and played!   It was BEYOND AMAZING!

After all that excitement,  today has been a great day for me to hide out and have a date with God.

I’m preparing to offer a series of spiritual conversation sessions in my community next month.    The idea for this series came from my pals at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. And my intention for offering it is to create a peaceful  time and place for people come together and help one another enhance our understanding,  faith and oh ~ have some dessert!    I do love dessert.

I’m having a blast fine tuning plans for it ~ understanding that My Plans have very little to do with what will actually happen.

So if you live anywhere near Grace Episcopal Church in Whiteville, NC and have an interest in joining us for the four Tuesday nights in October, here’s more info on Dessert with the Mystics.   And thanks for sharing this info with others who might have an interest.

3 thoughts on “looking forward to dessert…

  1. Nobody is better suited to do this than you, Lisa. Should be wonderful sessions, and a chance to see what us “mere mortals” seem to miss when it comes to finding a true relationship with God (whatever we choose to call Him).

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