My friend Leigh took the picture.   It really affected me.

Along with being beautiful,  it makes me think of all the times in my life I’m so caught up in getting TO where I’m headed that I forget to notice how amazing where I AM IS.

So often, I find myself gobsmacked (isn’t that a great word?) by simple truths.  Here are three I’m going to honor more consciously:

1. No matter where I’m going, I’m going to pay attention to what’s happening as I get there.

2. There is not a creature on the planet from whom I cannot learn something very valuable.

3. I am not in control of the universe.  So I want to fine tune my connection to the source I believe is.

What simple truths have gobsmacked you lately?

4 thoughts on “gobsmacked…

  1. Simple truth for today – be VERY mindful exactly where one is putting one’s feet when one is in rattlesnake territory – they are not ALWAYS so polite as to rattle from a safe distance! Saw my second one today, lying all coiled up in a neat circle of disguise under the bush that I had been attracted to because I could see it’s gorgeous tiny violet flowers, which was all I could see, til I looked a bit ahead.

  2. yowza, Carol! i join Judi in being so grateFULL for your mindFULLness.
    thanks for sharing this truth…

  3. Gobsmacking truth I just faced…. no matter what children say, they really do love the traditions of their childhood!

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