change is good?

I just got home from a week in the North Carolina mountains.

Among the many wonderful experiences of this past week ~ an mega one was standing still while leaves fell from the trees around me.

Even though it happens every year, I’m always stunned the first time it happens each Autumn.   And I’m always reminded of these same lessons:

shedding the old is essential to the growth of new;

every moment of every day I’m changing, you’re changing, and everything around us is changing;

witnessing change seems easier than experiencing it;

sometimes I get why change is good and sometimes I don’t;  and

even when I don’t get The Why – change is good.

What does Autumn teach you?

2 thoughts on “change is good?

  1. That I am a happier, nicer person when the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 70’s!
    And that I have no control over so many things, including seasons and weather. Which will change no matter what I want or do. Like all the people in my life…:-)

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