an anti-9/11

I’m sure this image is copyrighted.  Apologies.  I’m hoping the owner will celebrate the spreading of The Message – HOPE.

It’s been wonderful to be so stunned in such a positive way today.   I don’t remember tuning into TV reports as often or for as long since – well, since 9/11.

I know that it’s not The Same.  One event was about Fear and the other about Hope.

They are the same in that they both brought millions together.

Tonight, I am simply humbled by how Hope digs its way through whatever it needs to and exactly when it need to.

I join millions in joining those rescued miners in taking a very deep breath tonight.

3 thoughts on “an anti-9/11

  1. As I’ve been watching this story for the past MANY weeks, I’ve sure hoped the trapped miners would make it out OK. But given the chances, I must admit I didn’t expect them to. So this has to be one of the very best stories in the past many years. In a time when the world’s economy is in turmoil, and political situations around the world…and in our own country…are in upheaval, it’s so good to see a story with a dramatic…and happy ending. We sure needed that. So wonderful to see the whole world celebrating. How long has it been since we’ve seen that?!

  2. you know tom~ another incredible part of the rescue was how experts and materials from all over the world came together to help with this historic challange. it seemed as if every single part of the rescue was globally driven by humanities’ goodness, right from the very start.
    can we even imagine what it had to be like for those 33 men, the first 38 days in total darkness, without any contact from the world above ground? and then this first tiny hole drilled through to them, where medicine and food could be sent~but most of all that first tiny opening gave them hope… then, a tunnel was built and as each miner was hoisted up and sprung out of the little transport cage from 1/2 mile below earth surface, everyone who saw their faces knew each man was so precious, each man was a relative or a best friend~ 33 miners from chile shared their miracle and their joy with each one of us. how sweet is that???

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