i can’t think of a catchy-enough title for this post

On September 9,  I was reading one of the few blogs I read very regularly – Positively Present. In this particular post, Dani described a contest focussed on positivity and paying it forward.   I’m not much of a contest enter-er.  However, as Dani is gifted at doing, her words nudged me toward trying the uncomfortable.   And since I feel pretty darn strongly about both positivity and paying it forward – I entered.

This week I found out I’m one of 25 semi-finalists.   And no one is more amazed than I!

After picking up my jaw off the floor,  I sat down to watch/read all 25 entries.   I was even more amazed to find myself among such a world- changing group of humans.

From here, YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS & COLLEAGUES get to pick the ten finalists.  Nine of these folk will receive $2,500 .  One will receive $10,000.  All will pay their prize forward. How cool is that?!

I hope you’ll click HERE to see my entry.   And I hope you’ll also take the time to view the others.

One of my real life heroes, Michael J Fox says, “The only thing worse than an opportunity you don’t deserve is blowing an opportunity.”  So… I ALSO HOPE YOU’LL VOTE FOR ME and share this news with your family and friends (ps – you can vote once a day through Nov 14). THANKS!


2 thoughts on “i can’t think of a catchy-enough title for this post

    Quote from someone important,can’t recall.
    Good luck Lisa, you have our vote along with some of our freinds.
    Peace and Love be with you.

  2. LOVE that quotes, Roger. THANKS.

    and thanks for the votes and friends’ votes. too 🙂 !

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