i can’t think of a catchy-enough title for this post

On September 9,  I was reading one of the few blogs I read very regularly – Positively Present. In this particular post, Dani described a contest focussed on positivity and paying it forward.   I’m not much of a contest enter-er.  However, as Dani is gifted at doing, her words nudged me toward trying the uncomfortable.   And since I feel pretty darn strongly about both positivity and paying it forward – I entered.

This week I found out I’m one of 25 semi-finalists.   And no one is more amazed than I!

After picking up my jaw off the floor,  I sat down to watch/read all 25 entries.   I was even more amazed to find myself among such a world- changing group of humans.

From here, YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS & COLLEAGUES get to pick the ten finalists.  Nine of these folk will receive $2,500 .  One will receive $10,000.  All will pay their prize forward. How cool is that?!

I hope you’ll click HERE to see my entry.   And I hope you’ll also take the time to view the others.

One of my real life heroes, Michael J Fox says, “The only thing worse than an opportunity you don’t deserve is blowing an opportunity.”  So… I ALSO HOPE YOU’LL VOTE FOR ME and share this news with your family and friends (ps – you can vote once a day through Nov 14). THANKS!


2 thoughts on “i can’t think of a catchy-enough title for this post

    Quote from someone important,can’t recall.
    Good luck Lisa, you have our vote along with some of our freinds.
    Peace and Love be with you.

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