looking up…

I just finished watching my recording of Friday night’s Letterman.  Michael J Fox was on this show.  MJF is one of my heroes.The fact that he probably cringes every time he hears that from someone makes him even MORE of a hero to me.

He’s one of my heroes because – after getting some life changing news – he chose to make some adjustments to his life and go on living.  And he laughs a lot.  I think having a sense of humor is essential in hero-dom.  At least for my heroes.

I have a lot of heroes.  Some are well known.  Some aren’t.  Here are some of them:

school teachers;

military servicefolk AND their families;

Jane Stone (my long time creative mentor and darlin’ pal);

Pam Corwin (a fellow artist and generally cool chick);

Paul Newman;

Helen Mirren;

Anne Lamott;

Rosa Parks;

and my dad, Ken Bearnes – he simply rocked and he rocked simply.

Who are some of your heroes?

5 thoughts on “looking up…

  1. Mama and Daddy. Mama (a nurse) for her compassion and care for others and Daddy (a farner) for his sense of humor and the way he can make any task FUN!

  2. My heroes include:

    My paternal grandparents who emigrated from Lithuania, each by themselves. My grandfather came over with a friend, but my grandmother at 16 and with no English language skills came by herself!!!!

    My mom: She took on diabetes with all she worth and never let it beat her.

    My daughter who at 13 kept my head above water after our car was hit so I wouldn’t drown.

    My son who at 15 loaded me on the life flight helicopter after my accident.

    My church family and friends who never quit believing in the power of prayer when I needed it most after my accident.

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