my favorite question…

This is my all time favorite question.

It helps me prepare for just about any situation.

  • What if this works?
  • What if it doesn’t?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I don’t?
  • What if I make it into the Positivity Project Top 10?
  • What if I don’t?

What if helps me prepare my brain, body and spirit for the BPO (best possible outcome) and the WPO (worst possible outcome).  So I’m ready and willing to accept and celebrate what IS.

What’s your favorite question?


2 thoughts on “my favorite question…

  1. THE question for me is: what is the worst that could happen? this is the question that prepares me because it opens up my own fear in front of my eyes, rather than allowing it to stay hidden behind my “eyes” – also allows me to formulate all the better possible outcomes once I name the worst. It’s not about actually knowing what will be the worst, but about admitting to myself what I am fearing will be.

  2. Do I want this???

    This question has just recently become my top question. I have been operating on the question “What does everyone else want from me?” for so long that I have no idea what I want anymore. and as selfish as it seems, I need to figure that out so I can really begin helping others.

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